Cookieless Domains

  • I am wondering if I set up a cookieless domain for TB and put the address in the media server field will the static content be copied over, do I have to move the static content manually, or do I need to set up a mirror shop on that domain?

    I have built quite a few websites but am new to prestashop/tb :|

  • Not if you serve the same content from the same folder, but this depends on your vhost configuration. (I hope this isn’t too difficult for you).

    Btw, you don’t have to set up a cookieless domain just to get that 100% score on Pagespeed. Nowadays the overhead that comes with serving content from a different domain is more than the set-cookie header.

  • I’m actually not terribly worried about it. TB loads very quickly. I just don’t like seeing that F on Pingdom 🙂

  • Are you using

    The final results are actually way cooler than the stupid percentage (IMO). Pages should be loading in less than a second with the default community theme.


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