AEUC translation error

  • Hi
    Has anybody else got problem with translation ? TB 1.0.3 trying to translate into estonian.

  • What do you mean exactly?

  • Hi

    Problem is that some sentences wouldn’t translate. If I go thru FTP connection then I can download translated file and if I open these (yes, there are two places for translatsion, one in main directory/modules/advanced… and one in the main directory/themes/theme_name/advanced…) then I see translated file. But this module can’t use this translation or maybe here is another translation file in third place. So if anyone has similar experience, please can You tell solution. Thanks.

  • I don’t know, but you could try translating here and then importing from there:

  • I prefer translate stright php file, it’s many time faster. But I can’t see result in module description. Also if You opes this module for settings then everything in section Tags is always in english. There’s no change if I choose default theme or commynity theme. I have translation done in both. I’m not sure, but I think that problem is in file advancedeucompliance.php and this file is oi directory …/modules/advancedeucompliance If I have more time then I can put my version of translation in crowdin also.

  • Seems that there is no interest for this problem. However I think that I found solution. I modified this file: advancedeucompliance.php and now many field appear in translation section. 42 for thid module. Because my php skills are limited then I’m not sure what is the real cause.

  • I modified this file: advancedeucompliance.php and now many field appear in translation section.

    If you could share these modifications done we could a) learn from them and b) commit them to the module, solving the problem for everybody. Patches are welcome, just as complete files. Can be attached right here after hitting the ‘Reply’ button.

  • Hi
    That wasn’t much of modification. I simply deleted empty spaces between coding.
    Was like this :
    ‘label’ => $this->l(‘Enabled’,
    become this:
    ‘label’ => $this->l(‘Enabled’, ‘advancedeucompliance’)

    And that’s all.

  • With this line of shell code…

    grep --exclude-dir vendor --exclude-dir cache -rn -- '->l(' | grep -v '(.*)'

    … I see 62 similar violations, most of them in module advancedeucompliance.

  • Now I look and this error is even in PS 1.6.1.x. So this is long time and no one cares. But in other side seems that this module isn’t very popular. About more error, yes there are some othe modules also which “to not obey” to translation, but there’s only some sentences. I hope now is this problem gone. Thank You.

  • So this is long time and no one cares.

    Yes, PS to be buggy was kind of an accepted feature of this shop software. On top of this, legal compliancy has a long history of being mostly ignored, because there are only few countries where having an illegal shop is a serious risk.

    This is thirty bees now and thirty bees puts a lot of emphasis on removing this bugginess. Hundreds of long existing bugs were fixed already, please don’t stop reporting those yet to be found and fixed.


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