thirty bees cleaner v2.0.0 should also clean tb_mail table

  • I used thirty bees cleaner to reset a dev/test platform and it handily removed all the customer and order data. However the tb_mail table was not cleaned.

    The tb_mail table links to customers by their email address and not by id_customer (seems like a bad design by PS…) and thus if a new customer is created with the same email address as a previously deleted customer the deleted customer’s email history will appear in the “LAST EMAILS” section of the BO page for the new customer.

    Obviously this isn’t a massive problem and most people will never encounter it at all. Still, it’s customer data and should likely be removed when cleaning the db of customers.

    Longer term it may be better to include an id_customer in the tb_mail table rather than just the mail address. Maybe an id_order, too. Seems it would be good to know what emails were sent for which order as well as to have emails tied to a customer even if they change their registered email address.


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