Order confirmation email template formatting

  • Hi everyone,

    Main question: Do 3rd party themes such as Transformer or Panda (currently unavailable but hopefully back soon!) come with custom theme-matching email templates for order confirmation mails, etc?

    Notes on 30bz/PS included “order confirmation” template:

    As I move further along in testing the new site I have noticed there are some oddities with the order confirmation email formatting, at least using the templates that come with the newest version of the community theme. Here is what I’ve noticed:

    1. On Gmail / Google Apps the order confirmation messages look fine, I suspect how they were supposed to look.

    2. In eM Client (popular Windows email client) the formatting is wonky. The Reference/Product/Unit price/etc area with the order details gets squished to be about 1/3 narrower than it should be, and then the shipping & delivery area gets squished down to about 1/3 width and is off to the left.

    3. In SOGo (popular open source webmail platform) the formatting is completely borked and the order details aren’t readable at all.

    4. In Apple’s iOS mail client the formatting is okay, but somewhat squished. Also the overall mail is shifted to the right just enough that the outer border around the message is not visible on the right side. It looks like a 3 sided border rather than a surrounding border.

    5. In Android’s Gmail client the message looks perfect. The outer border is missing but it actually looks better this way.

    The templates seem to be the same or similar to the PS 1.6.x templates (tested on a separate PS test site I have running right now). Based on how good the templates look with Gmail and the Android Gmail client I suspect they were tested on these platforms during development, but probably on little else. 😞

    If there are no 3rd party templates available then it seems like it would be worthwhile to spend some time trying to fix the various formatting issues. Email templates are notoriously finicky, even compared to website design in general. 😞

  • Panda theme uses the same email templates. I agree that the standard ones are a bit difficult. I haven’t gotten around to editing them yet, but it’s on my to do list.

  • Sounds like it’s a worthwhile project then. Email templates are always a pain in the ass but having properly formatted messages is really important, IMO.


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