[solved] AEUC not linking CMS pages into email template

  • Hello

    I just noticed with horror that no CMS links are written to the email templates via the AEUC modul. This is a must for us in Germany and I am highly prone to pay for this since it many competitors and lawers look for this 😞

    I already resetted the module but to no hope. I had a look at the email templates that come with TB 1.3 and could not find any variable for the AEUC module. I had a look at my overrides and could not either find anything.

    So, I must ask you to check wheter your system does append these links to emails.

  • The AEUC module should add such a section to emails on it’s own. Via a hook, without changes to core code. Template is modules/advancedeucompliance/views/templates/hook/hook-email-wrapper.tpl.

    While I can’t look at the AEUC configuration page right now (some unrelated debugging in progress), I’m pretty sure on can turn this hook on and off there.

  • That is good news. So I wont have to temper with the email templates again.

    Anyhow, I had another look at the modules settings and I say all is fine. I also had a look at the mentioned tpl and then at the hooks of the AEUC module by clicking in module settings the positions link.
    I had already resetted the module and reset all (especially with close scrutiny to the “when to add CMS links to email templates” section).

  • Hallo Michel

    I can happily testify that it is fixed. Sorry, I forgot to return this good news earlier.


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