Does TB keep an eye on existing PS bugs?

  • Hi,
    I have reported a few bugs in PS forge and some never got any attention (I guess that’s one reason I ended up here).

    So I wonder if I should re-post these bugs here, or if TB is looking at unresolved bugs in the PS forge and will fix them eventually?

  • It wont hurt if you ad them again i think 🙂

  • Just checked a couple of bugs reported on the Forge, but it would be better to report them on thirty bees’ GitHub repo, I guess.
    It is hard to get a decent overview of outstanding issues on the Forge and we have probably missed a lot so far.

  • The problems solved in versions .14, .15, .16 have yet to be checked for version 1.0.5, but not all of those fixes are acceptable and there’s almost a 100% chance we need to find our own solution.

  • Adding them again also gives the opportunity to find out whether they still exist 🙂


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