Partial Refunds

  • I noticed when I do a partial refund of a product on an order, that when I then view the invoice, or delivery slip, that the refunded product still shows as if it hasn’t been refunded. I’m not sure if it happens on 1.0.3 as well, as I haven’t done a partial refund for awhille.

  • @slick_303 For a refund and partial refund, a new PDF will be generated. See image

    0_1512480939291_Screenshot-2017-12-5 Orders Order LDY000104 from Johann Lengyel • Lady Dee´s Gradient Yarn.png

  • I think the stock IS being returned. However the when you view the invoice, or delivery slip, it still shows the product that was refunded there, and the full price there. I would have thought that the product either wouldn’t have been shown at all, or that it would show it was refunded via a negative price.


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