[MODULE-FREE] stats unpaid orders

  • A separate statistic showing a table of unpaid orders in the selected period. The table can be exported via CSV.
    Actually created years ago for PS statistics, so far works very well with TB.

    0_1512493416166_Screenshot-2017-12-5 Statistiken • zmo-demoshop.png

    you must rename the file to “statsordersunpaid.zip”

  • Thank you @zimmer-media.

  • wow, great. thanks mate @zimmer-media. i’ll try 🙂

  • Ok I don’t see why anyone would need this? Your accounting software will track unpaid invoices. Not knocking it just I don’t understand is all.

  • @hfxracing hm, here lies with me personally the difference between order and invoice.

  • Well order is pay now invoice is pay in 30 days usually or longer terms each business is different. It’s the bill for the order. still not sure why you need to export this data from the BO if your keeping track of it in your accounting software which I would hope most people are. Your accounting software tracking all sales channels your website only tracks itself.

  • Its really differnt.

    I do not know if this is required by law in your country.

    Here we do not have to create an invoice for every order.
    I’m just trying to describe it briefly. The accounting department only gets the invoices, no order receipts. In my online shops it is set so that the invoice is automatically created after receipt of payment. If an order is canceled without payment, it means less work. Otherwise, each time a credit to the order would be created so that the numbers in the accounting are correct. Otherwise the income statement, as well as the bank accounts would be faulty. In addition, I would then have to pay more taxes.

  • Ok I understand now because you do not do your own accounting. I do my own so everything is recorded there all money in all money out. By Law I am required to show all in all out. Your way would get me in trouble just for that dates not matching up for when cash was received & given back as a credit. Every business is different so you built this out of a need you required. Thanks for explaining.

  • @hfxracing
    Apparently my translation is not quite successful. I do not know from which country you sell and which laws and regulations are prescribed there.
    If I sell something, I have to submit it to the legislature and prove it. At the moment I have the feeling that I can not explain that correctly. I do not know if there is a difference between ordering and selling in your country. Even if there are the terms and conditions, not every customer pays his order or would like to cancel it for various reasons before the payment.
    As a trained accountant, it’s okay for me to have less work with it.

  • With this option of the module it is easier to see all unpaid orders. In the order overview, the status must be set separately in the filter each time. eg Waiting for receipt of payment Bank or error when he is paying, or waiting for check payment etc.

    In this overview, all unpaid orders should be displayed, no matter which payment option the customer has chosen.

  • Ok I understand what you are saying & it’s the same here when it’s sold I have to prove it and it gets entered into Quickbooks on the date it took place if that customer has terms then they will be invoiced in 30 days or however the terms are for that customer if I do a credit it is also entered on the date that happens. It has nothing to do with my website as I have multiply sales channels. unpaid invoices or sales receipts is not handled by my website. it is handled by my accounting & QB will tell me if I have unpaid invoices & I can run a report to see them all.This is why I could not understand what this would be needed for, but now that you have explained it I see that you need it for the way you run your business. I was just saying this would not be for everyone but if people find it useful great! It just would not be any good for someone like me. i understand now why you built it.

  • Unfortunately, I’m a bit rusty with the programming, because I am not always up to date with my many tasks, interests and options.
    The statistics module “unpaid order” I somehow despair. I would like to create a meaningful update. I would like to improve it as follows:
    In the list of this statistics module, I wanted to set it up so that you can click on the order number (as a link).
    I see this as an advantage.
    So you get directly to the respective order, without looking in the order page for the number. Then you can send the customer a message (eg by predefined message).
    If necessary, the order number in 2 columns, once directly to the order or in a new tab.

    Any helpful response, support, or enhancement of this statistics module is welcome.

  • addendum:
    The module is set to default setting of open orders. If an option is missing due to an additional payment module:
    In the statsordersunpaid.php file of this module find the code

    	public function getData()
    		$currency = new Currency(Configuration::get('PS_CURRENCY_DEFAULT'));
    		$this->query = 'SELECT oi.id_order, oi.reference, ROUND(oi.total_paid_tax_incl,2) as totalpaidtaxincl, 
    		DATE_FORMAT(oi.date_add, \'%d.%m.%Y\') as order_date, o.current_state, os.name as order_state, oi.id_customer, c.firstname, c.lastname
    		from ps_orders oi
                    JOIN ps_orders o on oi.id_order = o.id_order
                    JOIN ps_customer c on o.id_customer = c.id_customer 
                    JOIN ps_order_state_lang os ON o.current_state = os.id_order_state
    		WHERE os.id_order_state = 1 OR os.id_order_state = 3 OR os.id_order_state = 8 OR os.id_order_state = 9 OR os.id_order_state = 10 OR 
    		os.id_order_state = 11 OR os.id_order_state = 13 OR os.id_order_state = 16 AND os.id_lang = 1
    		ORDER by oi.date_add ASC

    addition of eg at line 144/145
    OR os.id_order_state = id
    AND os.id_lang

    use your id from the “order statuses”

    or change the id’s, if this does not agree with your id list



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