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  • Hi again

    If you enter in the Localizacion section you just can select English as lenguage, and the following message appears in the top: ! Cannot connect

    In Prestashop you can import a location package if you want to change the language of your store.

    🙂 Regards!!!

  • Noticed the same so I went and downloaded the Prestashop french language pack.

    My shop seems to be only partially translated in french now thou, I assume what I did was wrong, please confirm.

  • Same error here… All Translations have to be done manually!

  • Pretty sure those language packs are copyrighted, thus not allowed for usage here. Need to do it manually until we get enough community support/contributions to get them translated for thirtybees. Its in the works type of speak… 🙂

  • I’m having problems too, I’d like to translate to Portuguese.
    How do I help with the translation? Translating everything manually will be problematic!

    I am very interested in contributing with translation!

  • mdekker,

    How long do you think you’re ready?

  • I did not get problems with the translations of the prestashop (only in imput_max = 1000 but I decided, I’ll even do a tutorial to post here …) is practically 100% translated.

    Do not forget, I’m here to help with translation into Portuguese (Brazilian).

  • I’m allready translating tb 1.0 and community theme to german manually. Can export it and send it when finished…

  • Okay. So I started with theme. Next I’ll translate Modules. After that Core and backend. Hope i get it done tomorrow or on saturday… There are a lot of translations left 😉

  • Gwasch, teach me how to do it?

  • If you want to help translate:
    a.) i hope crowdin would be ready soon. Will make things a lot easier.
    b.) at the moment you can translate it manually and export it.

    It’s very simple…

    Step 1.) If Language doesn’t exist: Go to “Localization --> Languages” and Add your Language. Make Sure the Settings match PrestaShop language settings (Example Image German)


    Step 2.) Go to “Localization --> Translations -->modify translations” and translate the Frontend, Backend, Errors, Modules and PDF.
    You also can change Translations of Mails inside PrestaShop. But i prefer to do this directly with Editor like Netbeans, notepad++ or other…

    Step3.) If you get a message like that:

    Warning! Your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form:
    1000 for max_input_vars

    change the values “max_input_vars” and “max_post_vars” in php.ini (8000 should be high enough".

    Step 4.)
    After translating everything you can export it.
    Go to “Localization --> Translation --> Export a language”. Choose your language and Community theme default and hit the export button.
    you will get a gzip file including backend, mails, pdf, modules, templates translations.

    Step5.) Upload your gzip in this forum Post --> Done!

    PS: You can’t translate the admin Menu (Admin Tabs).
    Translations of back office tabs are stored in datbase, check tables: ps_tab, ps_tab_lang

  • Thanks for the the clarification. Makes sense.

  • You can download complete German Files packed as gzip and ready to use:

  • @mdekker said in Localization -> Language:

    Not sure, this process might take a couple weeks, especially because we have just launched and currently have to handle a lot of other things.

    How are PrestaShop’s language packs? I heard that most of the front office is not translated by the packs?

    Depends. There are about a dozen languages that are permanently updated and 100 % translated on Crowdin. The rest are just fragments. The waste surplus German translation sections for Austria,
    Luxembourg and Switzerland will be removed soon.
    But when uploading the files you should be aware that 1.7 translation are stored as xlf and contain domains, whereas 1.6 translations use hashcodes and are stored as php files.
    I saw that you uploaded xlf files for the Dutch translation. Are you sure? Currently 1.6 doesn’t support domains. Or did I miss something and you changed the translations framework for Thirtybees? I really hope not.

  • @mdekker let us know once the project is on CrowIn. I can help with the spanish translation.

  • I stopped the translation to pt-br.
    For some reason the changes are not being saved on the first try (using firefox and google chrome)
    Second, I see that I will have to do everything again when crowin is ready.
    This problem of not saving the changes on the first try is very serious, I suffered from this in PS but it was just with google chrome, firefox was ok

  • Will I have to do it all over again?

  • I am very relieved !!! Now all that remains is to do the review.
    It was very tiring, I do not feel like reviewing now.

  • Hello folks,
    I was busy with some module translations, Reviews, but it won’t go right, I have translate all the lines in translation, but in the FO, they don’t come up. I have clear the browser cache and the cache in BO.
    Even the module, send to a friend won’t send the email, there happens nothing, when I click on the send button.

    Best Regards,

  • Inmiddels lukt het wel, blijkbaar geen veranderingen opgeslagen geweest!


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