[80% solved] V5.3.2: in the last 24hrs collection of PayPal status issues

  • Hello

    Earlier only 1-3% percent off all PayPal orders had a mismatch between the status in PayPal’ gui itsself and TB’s.
    To the point, in TB there is no status set at all.

    Now, in the last 24hrs this phenomena increased drastically.

    Assumption is that there could be a connection between this and hightened stress on PayPal’s servers due to Xmas sales or slowed down internet in general (backbone being attacked by… I won’t speak it out 😉

    Anyhow, since I do not know how successfull PayPal beta is running or if other stores run it at all at the moment we use the stable V5.3.2.

    ![alt text](0_1513058794275_2017-12-12 06-58-30_Bestellungen • Grünes Spielzeug.png image url)


    0_1513058818969_2017-12-12 06-59-45_Microsoft Store.png

    Best would be if I knew that switching to PayPal V6. beta is safe. Else since V5.x does not use webhools I wonder if the time windows in which the module accepts a return of PayPal server is to tight?
    We need a form to customize the “custom shop” logo that is display in PP Express. As it seems to me this is loaded directly from DB but in our case this does not look nice since of resolution issues.
    Moreover a custom “return after success page” could be also handy since I plan to hook some custom info like newsletter and shop/article review ads.

    Thanks alot for looking into.



    Today also the bankwire module did not set any status anymore in BO. I did not notice this early in the morning and was fixed only on PayPal module. Sorry for that.

    So, this is not PayPal module reltated but something else I assume. Propably the server Hetzner and/or caching in TB?

    Of course the PS quetions/request are still valid.

  • Problem continues. I have not done a thing the last days concerning modules or updates or anything BO related and out of a sudden PayPal and Bankwire module stopped setting the status “payment received”.

    This is very annoying since customers are getting confused and it is Xmas sale.

  • Are there any errors in your error logs that correspond to the time of the transactions?

  • Hello Lesley,

    just a minute ago I had to make an BO order for a customer. I choose bankwire as payment option and the status “waiting for payment”.
    Guess what?
    ==> not status set in new order

    … I am taking a look at BO logs

  • You need to look at the server logs.

  • Only this log but that may be cause I pushed the button twice since there was no feedback:

    5 – 1 Frontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart Cart 13953 0x 0 12.12.2017 17:42:26

    Server logs? Okay, take a sec longer. I hope I find the rights ones (HEtzner shared hosting)

  • from folder: www_logs
    I guess you meant not.

    Then there is on the console of Hetzner a link called “Error Logs”.
    I had alook at it and saw nothing interesing besides something that makes me curious. I am going to send you chat via chat ✈

  • I would ask your host to turn on error logging so you can see a log of the errors that are being created, this might be the only way to figure the issue out.

  • Update for community. I am still in the process of observing the issue. I think tomorrow I will know for sure and edit this post.


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