TB1.3 APC module and PHP config on shared hosting (Hetzner)

  • Hello

    in the hope to benefit from caching I have APC activated on my hosts console (shared hosting at Hetzner) since it is avaible.

    I also have it on in TB’s setting and page rendering is on with default settings.

    All seems to be fine as far as I can see and say. But I also installed the APC helper module so to speak and get the information that there is no chaching. Two things come to my minde. Either my configuration is set wrong since I do not know what I am doing or my shop is abosutly not stessed since I have too less customers at a time online and Hetzner has ressource in abundance for my shop (and the others on the shared host). Xmas time or not 🙂
    alt text

    and the php config:
    alt text

  • Turn your full page cache on, then try testing with an account that is logged into the front end.

  • APC in TB performance settings is ON
    Page Rendering is ON

    but no cache hits/misses or anything in modules dashboard

  • @Pedalman did you remember to login to the frontend to ? You need to do that since it’s only some stuff that’s actually saved in APCu 🙂

  • Mhh

    I switched advanced php caching methof from APC to “filesystem” in TB and let the php setting remain in host Hetzner’s console as shown in the screenshot.
    Then suddenly APC modules’ dashboard shows hits & misses?!
    I can swear that I tested the APC dashboard as explained by Lesley and bzndk. And did this several times before that and it never seemed to work.
    Funny is that after switching back in TB to APC caching method the dashboard seemed to on.

    ! google page speed test jumped from ca. 60 to 89! AND yes I doubled checked settings before. And it does not play a role for Google’s page speed if I use filesystem or APC as PHP caching method?!

    I thing TB need to have a compatibility check for caching method build it (even if is just a link to Google’s page speed form or what ever).
    I do not get it and very much hope that things are set more or likely fine now.

    PS: OPcache module show 404 even after reset

  • Google Pagespeed = Nothing dont waste time on it, it’s out dated, and testet from one place in the world.

  • Mh,

    had I read that before I would have saved some time.

    Thanks guys.


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