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  • Bonjour,
    J’étudie la question de la migration vers TB, mais la question de l’avenir des modules partenaires vitaux se pose.
    Aussi, j’ai contacté Payplug, EnvoiMoinsCher et Yotpo pour savoir s’ils comptaient suivre TB.
    Yotpo a l’air de lâcher Prestashop donc TB… c’est mort.
    Payplug ne compte pas faire de dev pour un fork de presta.
    Par contre, Boxtal / Envoimoinscher va se pencher sur la question, l’espoir d’avoir un module d’envoi sur le long terme est donc permis.
    Bon week-end,

  • Sorry for talking in english here, I know French is the prefered language.

    For Yotpo, it does not look like they are going to support thirty bees. About that all I really have to say is their product is overpriced and I personally feel like they are not a good company to work with. I helped negotiate their deal with PrestaShop many years ago and negotiated a big discount for them becoming a PrestaShop partner. For that I only got silence when I asked them to support thirty bees. A poor way to do business and return a favor in my opinion. On that note, if you use their free plan, our JSON module unlocks their API where you can use the rich snippets from their paid plans without having to pay.

    Payplug, I can contact them and see what they have to say, I am not familiar with them personally.

  • Hi Lesley,
    No problem, it’s a good thing, french community can see that you have an eye on french part. So we’re less alone on Thirty Bees !
    Here’s the answer of Yotpo :
    Please note that unfortunately, we no longer offer ready-to-use integration with Prestashop at this time and therefore our support regarding integration issues is limited.
    In addition, we are not familiar with the ThirtyBees platform and therefore I cannot say if our legacy integration module for Prestashop will work with ThirtyBees.
    You can always check the up-to-date list of supported integrations here.
    However, if you have complete access to your platform’s frontend and backend to make API-calls you can implement Yotpo Generic Installation.
    Yotpo Generic Installation is a two-part installation process:
    The Yotpo on-site widgets must be implemented on the site.
    1. The platform which you use needs to utilize our API to send your orders to Yotpo which in its turn will initiate the Mail After Purchase feature - This feature will send an email to your shoppers at a set time after they have made a purchase to encourage them to leave reviews.
    2. We have found this is the most effective way to generate more reviews and sales, as shoppers are able to leave their reviews within the email itself.
    The following guide describes the process for generic site installation:
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer any installation support beyond this guide. We recommend consulting with a developer who can help with the deployment of Yotpo on your website and/or your platform technical support team.
    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please let me know if you have any further questions and will be happy to help.
    End of Yotpo answer.

    The problem is that I don’t want to lose many years of customer’s opinions.
    For me, if Thirty Bees module can receive old opinions and do the same job, i’m happy.

    I’m a Payplug User. They say: we don’t support prestashop forks. But thank you for pulling the request.
    I have Paypal and Payplug on my site, I make 3 or 4 more sells with payplug than paypal, and the payplug cost is less than paypal cost.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • I can say with a high degree of certainty that the yotpo module does work with thirty bees out of the box. I just refuse to fork it over and maintain it if they will not provide installation instructions on their site for thirty bees. But our JSON module was written along side Yotpo on a thirty bees installation, that is how we used the yotpo api to grab the rich snippets for the reviews.

    For payplug, even if they do not support us currently I would test their PrestaShop module. The odds are very likely it works.

    Because of france and how things are there, we would like to find an agency to partner with in france that is well known to help us land some of the more localized deals. We just have not found one yet.

  • All prestashop modules working with Thirty Bees on paper now, in theory, but in future, Thirty Bees can become very different. The question is at long time.
    Pay and send modules that become unusable, it’s dramatic.
    If you want someone for helping TB in France, why not ?
    I’m ending for today, but we can continue tomorrow.

  • We are hoping that by the time we change things so that modules do not work we have a strong enough foothold that payment companies and other services will already support us. If not we will have to fork their code and support it in house.

  • Me too, to have enough weight that without TB, they lost a part of market.
    For beginning, how can I help to a French branch of TB ?


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