RockPOS integration - not 100%

  • Hi all. I’ve been using ThiryBees since 1.01, and the improvements are great. However…

    I followed the threads here and noted the compatibility would be 100% for now, and installed RockPOS - which I used quite happilty with PS 1.6. Running it on TB 1.0.3 isn’t such a pleasure. I get undefined errors on startup, and it refuses to see loyalty points.

    Is there anyone here representing RockPOS, and if so can we work together to get this resolved? If not, does anyone know where I can start to make the changes myself and then make the suggestion to RockPOS themselves to fix this? I dont want to have to move to another POS if I can get away with it, but business is business…

  • Hello

    I was one of the first users of rockPOS. I even got a nice postcard from the dev out of the Vietnamese ? jungle 🙂

    All I can says there were very helpful then. Some years ago the moved away from Codecanyon and lost my “invoice” …
    So, I cannot say if the same team is on board but first I would try with them.

  • @pedalman Thanks - already sent them an email, but so far no response. Thought I’d try here.

  • Can you test it on 1.0.4 and see if it works better? I am aware of the issues and it turns out that we have deviated too much from the PS 1.6 API, causing all this trouble. Sorry about that!
    It should be better with 1.0.4, but I cannot confirm if everything is solved. Send me a PM if you would like a 1.0.4 testing environment. We could use some more testers. Thanks!

  • @mdekker Sounds good. Let’s try that.


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