Git ignore?

  • Hi,

    After forking and cloning the repo, I’ve installed TB locally and noticed bunch of files/folders added to my uncommitted files.
    I ran git rm -rf --cached . & git add .
    But now I have about 1500 uncommitted files.
    Is it possible that the original ignored files is different than the one I have.
    I would like to start contributing but ate to start on the wrong foot.

    I also noticed that RTL support (Front & Back) is depreciated allot from PS version, why is that?

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    I ran git rm -rf --cached . & git add .
    But now I have about 1500 uncommitted files.

    Correct. With that command you unstage all files.

    As stated in the README git clone --recursive is what will give you the right repo.

    I also noticed that RTL support (Front & Back) is depreciated allot from PS version, why is that?
    I haven’t noticed a difference in the back office. You have to select a RTL theme though. As for the front office, dunno, we rely on Bootstrap’s RTL. It looks RTL-ish enough to me, but we don’t have any RTL users in the community who can provide us with feedback, so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

  • But now if I want to submit a PR it will include all 1500 files?
    Or your ignore will know to ignore it?

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    How do you get uncommitted files? I think it’s better if you just start over.

  • administrators

    Or do you have important changes among them?

  • Global Moderator

    With Git one can add individual files …

    git add <path/to/file>

    … or even individual patches:

    git add -p

    Then do a git commit and the new commit will contain the selected changes, only.

    If you want to revert files that shouldn’t have changed, simply check them out. By file or by folder.

  • @mdekker Can you please check if files/folder exists in your repo are also in the gitignore?
    I just started with this fork, I didn’t do any modification yet, so there is no point to start over.

    Can you please check it for me? can you re clone your project to a new folder and do a web installation and see if you have anything in the uncommit files.

  • administrators

    I do that all the time and I have no such problems.

  • Global Moderator

    @yaniv14, you know best which files you’re seeing. We do not see them and you don’t tell us either. You can also look into .gitignore, it’s part of the repository. You can also create another clone for testing if the previous clone contains valuable work already.

    For me, cloning the repo works just fine as well.

  • Hi,

    I’ve just started from scratch following everything on this list:
    Fork, clone, composer install & create new branch.
    After that I installed TB from browser “…/install-dev”

    After finishing with the installation I ran git status and I have 75 changes not staged for commit.
    Here is the list:

    C:\wamp\www\thirtybees>git status
    On branch yaniv
    Changes not staged for commit:
    (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed)
    (use “git checkout – <file>…” to discard changes in working directory)
    (commit or discard the untracked or modified content in submodules)

        modified:   mails/en/account.html
        modified:   mails/en/account.txt
        modified:   mails/en/backoffice_order.html
        modified:   mails/en/backoffice_order.txt
        modified:   mails/en/bankwire.html
        modified:   mails/en/bankwire.txt
        modified:   mails/en/cheque.html
        modified:   mails/en/cheque.txt
        modified:   mails/en/contact.html
        modified:   mails/en/contact.txt
        modified:   mails/en/contact_form.html
        modified:   mails/en/contact_form.txt
        modified:   mails/en/credit_slip.html
        modified:   mails/en/credit_slip.txt
        modified:   mails/en/download-product.tpl
        modified:   mails/en/download_product.html
        modified:   mails/en/download_product.txt
        modified:   mails/en/employee_password.html
        modified:   mails/en/employee_password.txt
        modified:   mails/en/forward_msg.html
        modified:   mails/en/forward_msg.txt
        modified:   mails/en/guest_to_customer.html
        modified:   mails/en/guest_to_customer.txt
        modified:   mails/en/in_transit.html
        modified:   mails/en/in_transit.txt
        modified:   mails/en/lang.php
        modified:   mails/en/log_alert.html
        modified:   mails/en/log_alert.txt
        modified:   mails/en/newsletter.html
        modified:   mails/en/newsletter.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_canceled.html
        modified:   mails/en/order_canceled.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_conf.html
        modified:   mails/en/order_conf.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_conf_cart_rules.tpl
        modified:   mails/en/order_conf_cart_rules.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_conf_product_list.tpl
        modified:   mails/en/order_conf_product_list.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_customer_comment.html
        modified:   mails/en/order_customer_comment.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_merchant_comment.html
        modified:   mails/en/order_merchant_comment.txt
        modified:   mails/en/order_return_state.html
        modified:   mails/en/order_return_state.txt
        modified:   mails/en/outofstock.html
        modified:   mails/en/outofstock.txt
        modified:   mails/en/password.html
        modified:   mails/en/password.txt
        modified:   mails/en/password_query.html
        modified:   mails/en/password_query.txt
        modified:   mails/en/payment.html
        modified:   mails/en/payment.txt
        modified:   mails/en/payment_error.html
        modified:   mails/en/payment_error.txt
        modified:   mails/en/preparation.html
        modified:   mails/en/preparation.txt
        modified:   mails/en/refund.html
        modified:   mails/en/refund.txt
        modified:   mails/en/reply_msg.html
        modified:   mails/en/reply_msg.txt
        modified:   mails/en/shipped.html
        modified:   mails/en/shipped.txt
        modified:   mails/en/test.html
        modified:   mails/en/test.txt
        modified:   mails/en/voucher.html
        modified:   mails/en/voucher.txt
        modified:   mails/en/voucher_new.html
        modified:   mails/en/voucher_new.txt
        modified:   modules/authorizeaim (untracked content)
        modified:   modules/blocktopmenu (untracked content)
        modified:   modules/cronjobs (untracked content)
        modified:   modules/mailchimp (untracked content)
        modified:   modules/stripe (untracked content)
        modified:   modules/themeconfigurator (untracked content)
        modified:   translations/en.gzip

    no changes added to commit (use “git add” and/or “git commit -a”)

    So what next?

  • Global Moderator

    These are not unexpected. They’re generated by one (or more) of the automatic upgrade processes built into 30bz (and PS).

    Either do a git checkout . to reset them or create a commit with all of them.

    Adding them to .gitignore isn’t a good idea, because the English versions of these files are tracked in the main repository. At least at this point in time.

  • Global Moderator

    If you wonder whether it’s normal to have a couple of commits on top of the public ones: yes it is. My own development repo currently carries a stack of 69 commits on top of master. Most of them already provided as pull requests, but also simple ones like “turn on debug mode”.

  • Thanks for clarifying this.
    As long as I can do PR without causing any problems.

  • I’ve started modifying rtl.scss and rtl.css but I don’t have the files ready for commit.
    I dont see that file or folder being ignored anywhere.

    It will be hard for me to contribute if I can’t get basic things to work.

  • Why changes in the community theme wont commit?

  • Global Moderator

    Other than wit PS 1.6, the theme is a separate module. Try something like this:

    $ cd themes/community-theme-default/
    $ git status
    $ git add .
    $ git commit

    If you want to prepare for a pull request, you have to work of a personal clone, too, just like with the main repo.

    As we’re on the topic: updating all submodules goes like this (from the main repo, takes something like a minute):

    git submodule update --init --remote --rebase

  • Do i need to fork the community theme separately and commit changes to that fork?

  • Global Moderator

  • Global Moderator

    Yes. Same with each of the 84 modules.

  • Now I see where I was wrong.
    I looked at the main repo as the only repo, when I should have worked with different repos for different checkout/commits.
    I’ll probably start again from scratch and redo my PR again as well.

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