Free shipping for only one carrier?

  • I have enabled the free shipping to start at 50 in the TB back office but the problem I am having is that I do not want to offer free shipping on all carriers only for one carrier. This is because I also offer a ‘express delivery’ option which is quicker for the customer to get their items but is more expensive so the customers have to pay extra if they want that carrier.
    I saw that there was a option for ‘free shipping’ on each carrier but that just makes it free for all prices.
    I have been through all the shipping and carrier setting but I cannot find anyway to select which carriers the free shipping applies to. I there an easy way to pick just the carriers I want to allow the customer to use for free shipping?

  • You have to make a specific carrier for free shipping. Have it only work for order $50+ and the price be 0. If outside of defined range, disable it.

  • Ok, I see how to do this now, I was using the carriers based on the weight ranges rather than prices ranges. Made the changes as your suggested and it looks to be working ok now with ‘free shipping’ disabled in the shipping prefs.

  • @ukclearance
    I do not know if I understood the topic correctly, but I hope the picture and the numbers will help.



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