Paypal issue

  • As per other conversations, I thought I would make a bug report. On Paypal v6.0.0beta4, I get the following error when a customer clicks the paypal option to pay (not express). When I goto the paypal module in the backend and just hit save it fixes it. But the problem always seems to come back…


  • Happened twice in an hour, now I can’t reproduce the issue, I’ll keep working on it though.

  • I just got it to do it, but this time with v5.3.2. I think it might have something to do with my two different domains using the same paypal setup. Stand by…

  • Yup. If I do a test sale on one site, going till I hit the paypal payment button, then I do the same thing on the other site, the error will come up. Strange.

  • As It doesn’t seem to be an issue with beta4, I’ll go back to it on my live site. I’ll try setting up different setups for both sites and see what happens.


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