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    thirty bees FAQ:

    • Where Can thirty bees Be Hosted?
      – thirty bees is now available on - You can also install it on any server space that meets the minimum requirements as outlined in the Docs.

    • What is the thirty bees Default Theme?
      – Community Theme by

    • Are PrestaShop 1.6 Modules & Themes Compatible with thirty bees?
      – For the most part, yes. thirty bees has tried to keep all themes and modules backwards compatible to ensure you do not have to re-purchase all your themes and modules. This should hold true for all of thirty bees v1.* but may change when v2 is released in the next 2 years.

    • How Long Will v1.* of thirty bees Be Supported?
      v1.* of thirty bees will be supported for at least 2 years time. If there is enough community support and demand that time frame may be extended as long as the version remains relevant.

    • How Often Will thirty bees Be Updated?
      – There are no time tables being set, as schedules and deadlines kill development. thirty bees is a community driven project and will be updated as often as possible. All code will be going through vigorous testing to ensure updates don’t end up going foul. There will also be a patch system implemented to ensure you have access to the latest security updates which can be easily applied.

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