Sort products on category page

  • Hi,

    I try to sort products on the demo shop :

    Sort on category page looks wrong, for example, try ‘Product Name: Z to A’ and ‘Product Name: A to Z’, it’s always the ‘Product Name: A to Z’ sort which is displayed.

    I think this cause this file: themes\community-theme-default\js\modules\blocklayered\blocklayered.js

    The function reloadContent(‘forceSlide’) add a parameter in URL, and isn’t separate from the previous one by a '&'
    So the function Tools::getProductsOrder() get only “descforceSlide” in paramater and send back always ‘asc’

    So in blocklayered.js, i replaced reloadContent(‘forceSlide’) by reloadContent(’&forceSlide’), line 637 and 643.

    and it’s looks better now, sort is right.


    Edit: My first solution was wrong.


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