Accounting for packaging weight

  • Hi,

    I have been building a shop with Thirty Bees. I love it and have most of it configured including:

    • Weighing and measuring the products

    • Configuring the shipping weights for the carrier

    • Adding the tax and configuring the gateway

    However, I realised that there is nowhere to add the weight of the packaging. How do people usually do it? I thought I could add a bit to each product but that concerns me as I will have quite a few to change if it goes wrong. I also thought about understating the ranges for the carrier. Is there another way such as modifying the code so it adds a certain percentage to the total?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • On the flat rate built in carriers there is no way to do it. Most people just leave it off or adjust their carrier pricing for it.

  • @lukewood

    In a shop where I need this feature, I have reduced the shipping weight in the areas. Instead of eg 2 kg only 1.8 kg. Instead of eg 5 kg only 4.5 kg etc. But that is not a perfect solution either.

  • 0_1515174888015_1dba4247-d3a9-4db0-ba1e-5c10b660e041-grafik.png

  • Thanks very much to you both for responding. I will adjust the carrier weights as described.

    Thanks again.


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