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  • I am on a shared dreamhost server and installing prestashop 1.6 was almost impossible to install unless I had tech support make adjustments to the php configuration. I have been able to install prestashop 1.6, I also installed the beta2 version of this script with no issue, but now I get the same timeout problems when I try to install v1:
    “An error occurred during installation…
    You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by clicking here.”

    I think a few changes could be made that can make installation work by providing options on installation and on errors. Things like:

    1. Choosing to install demo data or not
    2. Choose to install in “chunks” or perform database installation in steps
    3. On error (if possible) start database installation from the error. I imagine setting a log for installation success and errors, if there is an error you can restart the installation from the step before the error happens (dropping the last table installed) and restarting installation.
    4. On a fresh install choose to either drop all tables, update, insert, etc.

    I am very excited about this fork and have loved playing with the beta versions; I hope this will be able to work with smaller sites.


  • but now I get the same timeout problems when I try to install v1: ?

    How long does it take before it times out?

  • Can I PM all server info and logs?

  • sure!

  • I will mail you, but here is what Dreamhost support sent me:

    While it may be compatible, shared hosting has inherent limitations due to the resources being used. In this case, while it’s not the process watcher daemon killing your processes, the PHP scripts themselves are timing out

    That would be indicative of the script itself - the limits are as high as we can set them, I’m afraid. You can further increase the limits if you’d like in the phprc file here:
    Unfortunately, as this is very specific to the script you are running, we are not able to directly assist I’m afraid.

  • From Dreamhost support:

    As I mentioned, the issue itself is the installation script that is timing out. This is not us not supporting Prestashop - we have many customers who run this without issue. If the installation script times out, then you will need to contact the developer to investigate why that might be.

  • Their servers are more than likely overloaded. Ask them to raise the fcgi timeout to a reasonable level and not the default 10 seconds.

  • 10 seconds default? 😮

    That is outrageous tbh

  • I was told to move from fastCGI to CGI and back. Thresholds were moved up and in the end was told it is the fault of the installation script.

    I am thinking of moving to TMD, are there any other good suggestions?

  • Soon we should have a Cloudways launcher setup, we are just waiting for them to deploy it. thirty bees works excellent with it since they support REDIS caching. Its a lot faster than a standard 1.6 and faster than 1.7 as well. You can check them out here, https://www.cloudways.com/en/?id=11188

  • NICE! Thanks for the suggestion. Still a bit pissed I cant even get a test site running on a host that claims they offer hosting for small businesses. The site I am setting up is not huge, so is there any other suggestions for now for any other hosting plan that works out of the box?

  • I am familiar with the issue, I actually reported it several years ago to PrestaShop, http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-3485?filter=-2 Our issue is pretty much the same, we could not change it in our first version without breaking some stuff, but it will be changed in the 1.1.x version.

  • It was not blocking me because I am a developer, I figured out the issue and changed my settings. It blocked the people that left prestashop to shopify in the last year though.


    Hmmz, depending on how much duct tape has previously been used for the installer, we might be able to divide it into chunks. I also noticed that the file is just huuuuuge.

  • Thanks fellas! Support so far is great and development is as promised, backward compatibility seems to be 100% so far. Good to hear you see an issue and want to fix it rather than the PS team that seemed to blame the hosting companies.

    Prestashop used to be one of the goto carts for smaller businesses on shared servers and large businesses alike; but I think that ship has sailed and they are rushing to sink like magento. I am glad to see you know the cart is powerful enough to service the largest businesses, but also have kept the focus on the little guy.


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