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  • I have to put this here because I don’t have a new topic button for the technical help or the compatability help section.

    I am trying to set up a prestashop Amazon Payments module by Patworx. After much back and forth with SiteGround and Amazon we have determined the problem is related to this error:

    Error with message - header does not contain x-amz-sns-message-type header

    It looks to me like that is a problem with the module, but I want to make sure it is not aTB bug.

    Thank you for any insights.

  • I don’t know this module. But I would bet it’s a bug there, since this is a amazon error message…

  • That would be my guess 🙂

    I have an enquiry in to the developer, but I have my doubts about hearing anything.

    I think I will put a request in the wanted features for an amazon module.

    I had it installed on my prestashop site but it kept breaking the css of my custom theme. The prestashop site is 1.7 which is why I am here 🙂


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