PS 1.5 help needed

  • I know it is not the right forum but I know I will get more help here than the right one …
    I want to remove order ID column from the fields list in the orders list in back office. I am commenting next lines:
    ‘id_order’ => array(
    ‘title’ => $this->l(‘ID’),
    ‘align’ => ‘center’,
    ‘width’ => 25
    in AdminOrdersController.php file and the column disappears but when I try to enter any order there is an error:
    May someone advice me if it is possible to hide that column?

  • I think removing it from the field list breaks a lot. Can’t you just add hidden to the class property to hide it?

  • 'id_order'  => [
        'title' => $this->l('ID'),
        'align' => 'text-center',
        'width' => 25,
        'class' => 'hidden',

  • @mdekker I wanted to suggest the same. I tried it out. It breaks the design somehow. The list is no more using the full width then.

  • Set 'width' => 'auto' for at least one field. That should make it fill the gap.

  • I will try your suggestions first thing in the morning. Thank you very much! I wonder why I didn’t receive any email notifications about the answers in the topic …

  • Email blocked? All mails have been delivered according to Mandrill.

  • .hidden might not have been added to PS 1.5, yet. If so, find your admin css and append the following:

    .hidden {
      display: none;

  • Ok, i did the above. There is already class hidden in PS 1.5 and I added another class with display: none property, but when I refresh the page in back office the id numbers are gone but all the columns are one position left. For example the ID title is still there but below it is the reference number etc. So it actually doesn’t remove the entire column, the code removes just the ID numbers in the column.
    About the email notifications, I received them all but it was after my post. May be something with my email provider caused the delay.

  • Hmmz looks like it doesn’t apply the class to the header <th>. If you could apply it to that one as well, it should no longer shift the column.

  • Maybe 1.5 has a special class for headers. Let’s try to find out…

  • @wakabayashi any idea about this?

  • Nope. I triet that back then. Couldn’t make it work 100% cleanly. I have no idea about 1.5. I startet PS development with 1.6…

  • Thanks for your effort!


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