elastic search panda theme now showing product

  • Hi,

    Everything works good on the default theme but the panda theme seems to have problem, with the same settings it doesnt show any products in the categories link


    Clean install 1.0.3, with the panda theme.

  • The only way to debug this at the moment is by looking at the actual Elasticsearch response in the browser’s developer tools. Getting Elasticsearch to return results is very tricky as I have discovered you can not disable every property. We are working on some extra guidance in the upcoming versions to make sure it’s easier to configure.

    Now, what you can do atm is enable debug mode (if proxy is enabled), open up your developer tools navigate to the network tab and look at the actual response from Elasticsearch. In my experience these have been very helpful, but if you don’t know what they mean feel free to post the actual error in this topic.


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