How product categorys on the home page (not best or popular)

  • Hi

    I would like to show my normal product categorys on the homepage as opposed to

    Best Sellers

    Can anyone help?

  • Hello.

    Could you give us a better explanation about what you want to do?


  • Hi Toby

    When im on my homepage i would like to set which products show as opposed to Popular and best sellers showing.

  • Module Home Featured can help you.

    It allows you to show the products you want only putting them in the root category. Go to your back office -> Modules -> Home Featured > Install and after that, go to every product you want to show, and put the category they belongs to as root category.


  • Is there a way to show the categorys on the homepage?

  • What do you mean with “show the categories”?

    Do you want to show a link to certain categories? Do you want to show a picture + category name in the same way as a product is shown? Please, explain us better what you need in order to help you better.

    Nevertheless, remember that you can use the Menu to link your categories from the homepage. (Modules -> Top Menu)

  • A picture to each category on the homepage would be perfect, sorry Toby i should explain better.

  • Custom CMS information Module may help you.

    As far as I remember, It allows you to create personalized block with the information you want in the home page, for example you can create a block with pictures, links to your CMS or categories and so on.

    Go to modules -> Custom CMS information block module -> Install -> Configuration, and take a look at the module options. It this solutions doesn’t fit with what you want, just come back again and we will try to find other solution. 🙂


  • No matter what i do, i just cannot seem to get it right lol

    Could you give me a step by step Toby? Thank you for your patience.


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