Reduction by payment

  • Hello,

    I just migrate an old 1.5 Presta website into a TB 1.0.3, this is for B2B only.

    On previous version we used a module that makes a 1% discount coupon if customer choose to pay by CB (CMCIC French Bank), it workd good.

    On Presta 1.6 and TB, that is going to be more difficult, in fact the developper of the previous module did not work on it for 1.6… so I bought a module on addons for that…

    Module did not work, refund was accepted 20mn later… One more module bought that seems by looking at screenshots that it might do the job… but unfortunatly it is also not working for CB payment, in the code it seems that dev include special method for alipay only… and if module is not cheque or bankwire it will not work.

    I need help on this to find a module that can work with TB and CB payments modules (no Paypal), if you guys have any info on this or have been working on a dedicated module or modifications on the payment module itself… please answer here then.

    Best regards,

  • Just send you a chat message, i dont wanna post links to modules out side of TB on the forum 🙂


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