"Preview" of products leads to wrong friendly URL in multi-lingual shop

  • Hi,

    We have friendly URLs activated. They also work. However, when I’m editing a product and go to SEO and enter a custom friendly URL, I’m getting some weird behavior relating to languages. We have two languages installed, English and German. The bugs are:

    1. The shop preview says for DE: “The product link will look like this
      https://www.shop.com/en/URLofDElanguage” The preview is correct for EN.

    2. When I click “preview” for DE I get taken to https://www.shop.com/de/URLofENlanguage" The preview is correct for EN

    3. The friendly links when navigating in the shop itself work perfectly. It’s only in the backend that I have this problem where the shop mixes up EN and DE (see URLs).


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