Improvement suggestion and help how to implement - relating to default combinations

  • Hi,

    One of the nice things about tb is that you can specify a default combination. However, where the default combination is sold out (but another combination isn’t), you get the message upon visiting the product that the default combination is unavailable.

    I would suggest that another, available combination is pre-selected instead. That minimizes any clicks for the customer.

    It’s a small thing, but I think it would be a nice touch.

    Does anyone have an idea how to implement this idea? And would this be something to make standard for tb?


  • Any ideas here?

  • @30knees I agree & need to know this also.

    @lesley @mdekker - to add to the “to do” list?

  • can you share your url store? (pm me if you mind share in public). my store auto select the second combination if the default one out of stock.
    about the message, I just hide the message on the product list and product page, so my customer don’t get confused.

  • @dosbiner Just sent you a PM. Thanks!

  • oh I see, you have 2 attributes combination in one product, thats why its more dificult for customer to choose which combination is ready stock. I’ve problem with this too, for simple and fast solution is separate the product. in my case I sell fashion with the size and color combination, and then I just separate each color into one products.


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