AEUC v3.1.3 shows "in cart" for items in same category - why and how to change this?

  • Hello,
    a few days ago, there was an update for AEUC to v3.1.3 from TB-Updater.

    Now it shows the button “in cart” for items in same category. When i am on an item detail site, i have some other products from same category in the middle of the page. And at this, i have the button “in cart” for these items.

    There is no price and no delivery time or such things, but the button “in cart” is a problem regarding the regulations here for EU and usually the “in cart” has to be disabled at this point.

    I am not sure if the problem is sourced in the module AEUC or Crosselling or Productscatergory ?!?

    thank you!

  • I don’t see that in my shop. Might it be a template issue?

  • 30knees, it was invisible all the time in the last weeks, but i think it came with the update of AEUC module or maybe an other module (there was about 3-5 updates for various modules i think ???). No changes with the template, so i dont think so…

    mdekker, thank you for the information. Handling with Cache is changed to solve which problems? Can you tell us please?

    thank you!!

  • Hmmm nobody an idea?
    Are there any things to delete, maybe in the /theme/product.tpl , to “not show” the into-cart button ??
    thank you

  • Could you give us a screenshot? Maybe that will help.

  • Sure, no problem: 0_1516225254650_same_category_problem.jpg

  • @drmasterchief

    in the standard theme -> modules productscategory -> productscategory.tpl
    Comment out or delete the code below, then the button should not be displayed anymore


                <div class="clearfix" style="margin-top:5px">
                  {if !$PS_CATALOG_MODE && ($categoryProduct.allow_oosp || $categoryProduct.quantity > 0)}
                    <div class="no-print">
                      <a class="button ajax_add_to_cart_button" href="{$link->getPageLink('cart', true, NULL, "qty=1&amp;id_product={$categoryProduct.id_product|intval}&amp;token={$static_token}&amp;add")|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" data-id-product="{$categoryProduct.id_product|intval}" title="{l s='Add to cart' mod='productscategory'}">
                        <span>{l s='Add to cart' mod='productscategory'}</span>

  • or like this? add in /css/autoload/autoload.css

    #productscategory_list .button {display: none;}


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