MailChimp Thirtybees module: subscriber sync does not work

  • Installed the module and enabled for one of the shops in multistore.
    Created a list in mailchimp and tried syncing to the list.

    It shows exporting 0/0: 100% complete and none of the users is exported.

    Anyone faced this issue? Thanks.

  • The module is not working with multistore. It has some bugs, which weren’t easy to locate. I tried it multiple hours, so as @Nemo and @mdekker. Not sure, what the plan is for this module…

  • @wakabayashi
    Thanks, that explains it.

  • @Chandra There is a new release of the module, which should fix the multistore issues

  • I will be taking this message. to write a little about the mailchimp module.
    Its still not working on the newest version 1.1.5

    Here is what mailchimp did send back.
    So what to do about this. ?
    We have still a multistore error. So we are unable to sync on multistore.
    We still have errors with sync of e-commerce orders.
    We still have errors with sync of products
    We still have errors with sync of abandon carts.

    Anyone know if their is a update coming soon. ?

    Mailchimp error :

    Notice: Undefined index: merge_fields in /home/xxx/public_html/modules/mailchimp/mailchimp.php on line 2520
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxx/public_html/modules/mailchimp/mailchimp.php on line 2520
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx/public_html/modules/mailchimp/mailchimp.php:2520) in /home/xxx/public_html/classes/controller/AdminController.php on line 2173
    Thank you again for coming into chats today. So, I took a look at this with my team, and there does appear to be a few things going on here, which would cause this to happen. 
    In regards to the Product not showing, we were unable to see it from the backend as well. Because of this, I would recommend working with your developer, of if you feel comfortable in the API, and having you make a new POST request to /ecommerce/stores/store_id/products creating that listing. Here is a resource on this: 
    I have additionally enabled a backend API tracking tool to watch the activity coming over from this call for the next 48 hours, so if you do not see the Product show, please do start a new chat with us and we can definitely dig in further to that.
    As for the e-commerce orders not showing, we aren't seeing a CID specified for the orders, so they won't show up in reports. So, if someone clicks through a campaign to order a product, the store integration would need to be able log that, grab the CID, and include the CID in the request to create the product. Usually that means storing a cookie in the subscriber's browser then referencing that cookie any time a purchase is made to see if a campaign was clicked through to get there.
    Of course, if you have any questions or would like any clarification, please start a new chat with us. And we would be happy to assist further. In the meantime, take care and have a good one, Martin!```

  • @mdekker
    Thanks for that.
    We have been looking for a mailchimp module that was able to work. But even after @Firmaconnect-net have been fixing some issues on the module it still don’t work 100% on multistore.

    Im sure you can try to contact him, to hear what he did change. So that we can get a better module all over.

    But hope your fixes here will make it work.
    And hope that the message from mailchimp their will be a help. Also.

  • @Firmaconnect-net can share the fixes on github:

    but, as you can see on GitHub, @mdekker already done some fixes

  • in my case, it improve a lot 🙂

  • I can confirm the module is working now.
    Only thing that don’t work on it, is the discount code part.
    But not sure if that even is incl.

  • I just checked my logs in TB and found a lot of entries like this:

    MailChimp client error: {\"email_address\":\"\",\"status\":\"subscribed\",\"status_if_new\":\"subscribed\",\"merge_fields\":{\"FNAME\":\"Barbara\",\"LNAME\":\"engel\",\"TBREF\":\"348F59F4\"},\"language\":\"de\",\"timestamp_signup\":\"2018-07-30 11:09:38\",\"ip_signup\":\"\"} -- {\"type\":\"\",\"title\":\"Resource Not Found\",\"status\":404,\"detail\":\"The requested resource could not be found.\",\"instance\":\"338cdce8-3676-4267-8988-3e9d1eb7c4f1\"}

  • Now I also have such entries:

    MailChimp client error: {\"id\":\"2651\",\"title\":\"Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/spiele\\/gesellschaftsspiele\\/spiel-des-jahres\\/2651-die-quacksalber-von-quedlinburg\",\"description\":\"Jeder der bis zu vier mitspielenden Quacksalber kocht hier sein eigenes S\\u00fcppchen. Zutat um Zutat wird hierf\\u00fcr aus dem eigenen, im Laufe des Spiels selbst zusammengestellten Vorratsbeutel gezogen. Doch Obacht: eine Prise zu viel von den Knallerbsen und die ganze Mischung ist verdorben...\",\"vendor\":\"Schmidt\",\"image_url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8303\\/default.jpg\",\"variants\":[{\"id\":\"2651-0\",\"title\":\"Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg\",\"sku\":\"\",\"price\":32.404828,\"inventory_quantity\":2,\"image_url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8303\\/default.jpg\"}],\"images\":[{\"id\":\"8303\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8303\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8478\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8478\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8479\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8479\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8480\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8480\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8481\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8481\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8482\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8482\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8483\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8483\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]}]} -- {\"type\":\"\",\"title\":\"Bad Request\",\"status\":400,\"detail\":\"We were unable to process the request. An image with the provided IDs already exists in the account.\",\"instance\":\"1fde2832-c608-4b64-b011-a8a3adc17983\"}```

  • Like in mailchimp itself?

  • No this things are in my tb backoffice logs.

  • How is information going into your mailchimp account, is it correct ?

  • No. These products doesn’t appear there.

  • Any way to add a cron task to manually sync all shops SUBSCRIBERS? (there are cron task for syncing some things but not subscribers). The module only syncs when I manually click in en each store “sync all subscribers” button.

  • @rubben1985 Not that I am aware of. It’s odd.

  • 😞 pity. @Traumflug, Is it in the roadmap? For me it is not urgent as maybe I will change MailChimp for mautic or similar, but If there is a necessary cron task for those that use the module is syncing the contacts


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