MailChimp Thirtybees module: subscriber sync does not work

  • @Firmaconnect-net can share the fixes on github:

    but, as you can see on GitHub, @mdekker already done some fixes

  • in my case, it improve a lot 🙂

  • I can confirm the module is working now.
    Only thing that don’t work on it, is the discount code part.
    But not sure if that even is incl.

  • I just checked my logs in TB and found a lot of entries like this:

    MailChimp client error: {\"email_address\":\"\",\"status\":\"subscribed\",\"status_if_new\":\"subscribed\",\"merge_fields\":{\"FNAME\":\"Barbara\",\"LNAME\":\"engel\",\"TBREF\":\"348F59F4\"},\"language\":\"de\",\"timestamp_signup\":\"2018-07-30 11:09:38\",\"ip_signup\":\"\"} -- {\"type\":\"\",\"title\":\"Resource Not Found\",\"status\":404,\"detail\":\"The requested resource could not be found.\",\"instance\":\"338cdce8-3676-4267-8988-3e9d1eb7c4f1\"}

  • Now I also have such entries:

    MailChimp client error: {\"id\":\"2651\",\"title\":\"Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/spiele\\/gesellschaftsspiele\\/spiel-des-jahres\\/2651-die-quacksalber-von-quedlinburg\",\"description\":\"Jeder der bis zu vier mitspielenden Quacksalber kocht hier sein eigenes S\\u00fcppchen. Zutat um Zutat wird hierf\\u00fcr aus dem eigenen, im Laufe des Spiels selbst zusammengestellten Vorratsbeutel gezogen. Doch Obacht: eine Prise zu viel von den Knallerbsen und die ganze Mischung ist verdorben...\",\"vendor\":\"Schmidt\",\"image_url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8303\\/default.jpg\",\"variants\":[{\"id\":\"2651-0\",\"title\":\"Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg\",\"sku\":\"\",\"price\":32.404828,\"inventory_quantity\":2,\"image_url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8303\\/default.jpg\"}],\"images\":[{\"id\":\"8303\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8303\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8478\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8478\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8479\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8479\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8480\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8480\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8481\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8481\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8482\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8482\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]},{\"id\":\"8483\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/8483\\/default.jpg\",\"variant_ids\":[\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\",\"2651-0\"]}]} -- {\"type\":\"\",\"title\":\"Bad Request\",\"status\":400,\"detail\":\"We were unable to process the request. An image with the provided IDs already exists in the account.\",\"instance\":\"1fde2832-c608-4b64-b011-a8a3adc17983\"}```

  • Like in mailchimp itself?

  • No this things are in my tb backoffice logs.

  • How is information going into your mailchimp account, is it correct ?

  • No. These products doesn’t appear there.

  • Any way to add a cron task to manually sync all shops SUBSCRIBERS? (there are cron task for syncing some things but not subscribers). The module only syncs when I manually click in en each store “sync all subscribers” button.

  • @rubben1985 Not that I am aware of. It’s odd.

  • 😞 pity. @Traumflug, Is it in the roadmap? For me it is not urgent as maybe I will change MailChimp for mautic or similar, but If there is a necessary cron task for those that use the module is syncing the contacts


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