B2B intra-EU - How do you set it up?

  • Has anyone setup tb for intra-EU B2B transactions that require the VAT ID number?

    Specifically, I’d like to remove the Siret and APE fields in the backend and frontend and introduce a VAT ID field. I’d also like to permit a customer to be created with a company name only (no first name, no last name) and with a VAT ID number in the backend.

    Also, the invoice should be tax-free because the sale is intra-EU B2B.

  • @30knees if you’re going to do this for B2B you need a module that validates the VAT number to ensure someone doesn’t just make up a VAT number. You also need this to be a trade account rather than guest to set up the tax free status for them.

    We do well over 90% of our sales B2B on PrestaShop and having our company VAT number on the invoice is sufficient for the company we deal with to claim back their VAT. Going down the route of full B2B isn’t something PS or TB is set up for, it’s a bit of a fudge at best. You’re going to need dedicated modules for B2B.

    Take a look at OroCommerce or Magento 2 Commerce - those are the features you need to find modules for on TB, if someone out there can sell these modules on TB then it’ll push TB into a serious contender against the big boys that are charging upwards of $25k a year 🙂

  • Thanks, @DavidP!

    I have such a module, I use the tb/PS native one. But how do I set up a trade account? I have a customer group “Wholesale”, but I don’t see where I can exclude taxes for intra-EU sales. That’s where the module comes in, I guess.

    This is the only module I found: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/b2b/18149-umsatzsteuerbefreiung-auf-rechnungen-fur-b2b.html

    It doesn’t look complete, though. Prices should be net only where we have an intra-EU sale, not within the same country. The module doesn’t solve that.

    How did you solve this?

  • @30knees I don’t have a trade account or use one of them modules, I was mentioning that the VAT one does exist, sorry if it came across as I did. I messed around with the accounts but had issues with tax. TB/PS isn’t designed to work in the way you want so you’ve got to fudge something in. We work on the basis that the customer claims the VAT back rather than giving them the discount up front due to the limitations and we try to give them the info they need.

    What I do is put the VAT number on the invoice and on our product page I also show the price ex VAT below the inc VAT. I did try out a module to do this but it was terrible, it didn’t work with products that had combinations and didn’t take into account discounts. In the end I did it myself by modifying the product.tpl, product.css, product.js files. It becomes too complex trying to get that pricing inc / excl into the cart and the checkout - the module we tried couldn’t do it and the developer gave us a refund.

    As you’ve said previously, the customer groups section needs reworking with logic as when to apply / not apply taxes. You then need some control based on the users location and their VAT number to activate this logic. You can do the VAT validation with a module but you can’t do the rules on tax application in one group.

  • @DavidP Thanks!

    @lesley @mdekker I think this is an essential feature for tb to work in the EU market and not restrict itself to B2C. Can you estimate how much such a modification/module would cost? Perhaps I can fund it (and if anyone else would want to join, I’d be happy for that, too) and release it to the community. Let me know if you need more details.

  • Itried but i give up. There’s not possibility to set this up normal. Best so far for what I found is manually remove SIRET and APE validation and then rename these whatever you want. It’s not easy because there is also need to change some settings in database too. Or You can simply comment out these from registration template.

  • @mdekker has a module that will be released to the community.

  • That’s great.


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