Link "shipping cost" in AEUC

  • I don’t know if this is a bug because i am using the theme “Warehouse”:

    If i enable “Anzeige Versandkosten” (shipping cost “AEUC_LABEL_SHIPPING_INC_EXC” ?) in AEUC v.3.1.3, link on product pages ("…content_only=1") opens text of shippingcost-cms in popup-box.

    Clicking on same link in category pages (both grid view, list view), text of shippingcost-cms opens without popup-box directly in whole window without header, footer and so on.


  • Hello,
    this seems to be a bug (also in PS), i think this is also present in the default-theme and maybe is interesting for the TB team?! Sometimes
    this depends on if an item is in the cart or not. Maybe you can see some difference in your theme, is there an difference with the popup for
    shipping costs if an item is in the cart?

    I have solved this as follows (but maybe this works only with my theme, NOT SURE if this works with other theme or the default theme !!):

    create a file named custom.js located in the folder “themes/yourtheme/js/autoload” and paste this code in it:

    if (!!$.prototype.fancybox) {
    ‘type’: ‘iframe’,
    ‘width’: 600,
    ‘height’: 600

  • @DRMasterChief
    There is no difference if there is an item in the cart.
    Just checked your custom.js-solution: It doesn’t work with the warehouse theme 😞


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