Any suggestions about TB stripe/paypal modules?

  • Hi guys, after many months, with the updated migrate module and a few hours of mechanical work I was finally able to migrate my shop over to Thirty-Bees. I’m really impressed guys, this fixed a lot of the problematic errors I was having and has a lot of improvements.

    Anyways, I am using the most popular one page checkout sold on prestashop website (the one with the puzzle piece logo) and I’m not sure if that is the issue but the TB stripe and paypal modules do not work. My old 3rd party stripe module works perfectly and the TB paypal works in test mode, but not in live. The TB stripe module does not work at all. My brother is a developer/programmer and he said the Stripe module is contacting Stripe perfectly fine, but he thinks it’s a problem relating to the one page checkout module. Basically, you click pay, and it just reloads the page instead of bringing up payment screens. PayPal test brings up sandbox.paypal but not anything in live mode. I am wondering if the TB payment modules are compatible with this one page check-out module? Is it likely this is the problem? My brother said he was not entirely sure. Nothing related shows up in my Stripe dashboard logs, nor in the Thirty-Bees logs.


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