Google shopping feed module (gshoppingflux) working in TB

  • I was looking for a free module to export the products from TB into an compatible XML file for Google shopping feed and found this one.

    From testing it appears to work ok, although I needed to unzip the download on my PC and navigate down one directory level and re-zip it back up to be able to install it from the TB admin interface.

  • Hi, i’m the current maintainer of gshoppingflux.

    Good to hear it also works in TB.

    If at any point there should be a compatibility issue, please report it at github and remember to write you are using TB and version number.

  • @Casper_O Would you consider to add it to the store ?

  • For the moment no, I do not have the time to maintain the module multiple places.

    Maybe in the future

  • @Casper_O From what I know. you basicly link the github repo to the store. If someone reports a bug you would help anyway I guess. Just saying… 🙂 Maybe someone more skilled could help adding it

  • I found the guide for making it happen, but it seems like it would require a branch or its own report, just for TB to work since it requires some TB specific things to be allowed in there.

  • Well

    I really appreciate the work you invest Capser into the Flux module.
    I used for years Moussiq Pro but that did never ever really a good job and Silbersaiten support imght have improved from nothing to something but not for Thirtybees. So, in a nutshell, Moussiq Pro doesn’t do the job to 100% as promised.

    Gflux I can not get to export all products as I like. I set up a ‘test category’ and added only one product. This has variants. The standard variant is not in stock. However, no matter what I set up (and yes of course I do have some experience in exporting modules), my product isn’t exported.

    So, I am really interesed to hear from others here you think that all products are exported and all is fine.
    I really dislike to buy a 100+ EUR Prestashop module only to export a product feed 😞

  • Th things the module needs for the store are really just meta files, they would not hurt with the prestashop release of the module, so you could add them all to the same repo without any issues.

  • Ok, I can happily confirm that Google Flux module by Casper does indeed export all products and moreover is also pretty straight forward to use.
    My mistake was that I forgot to standard category for test product in test category to this category. Module exports products from their standard category as it makes sense.

    I really would appreaciate to have a form for the google_taxonomie_lang with search function, so we could more easily and error free add/match categories.
    Also helpful would be if we were allowed to add only the ID from Goolges taxonomie list for categories. Perhaps we are already since if I do so (e.g. I enter 1255 instead of toys > bla > blub) then 1255 is written to the xml.
    Perhaps Google has the mental capacitie to understand that?

  • I use this module too and it does work quite well …It took me a while to figure out how to get all products to upload …Just wish you could hit 1 button and it does everything

  • Well, then you have to know also all about product variants, how to list them in the feed, how to set up GoogleTagManager to know about variants and how mix all this into Analytics so an automated bid agent can use this data for ads retargeting and standard google ads and perhaps bing and of course Goolge Shopping…
    If I would knew all this I would run a SEO agency and not a one man show on the grounds of an open scouce ecormerce system.


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