Preview CMS page doesn't works on Chrome

  • Hi,

    I notice that preview of CMS page doesn’t works on Chrome.
    When clicking on ‘Save and preview’ button, previews page doesn’t come.

    I think it’s cause that:

    	 	if(window.location.href.indexOf("url_preview") > -1) {"{$url_prev}", "_blank");
 function is block on Chrome, not on Firefox.
    But, same function work with PS1.6 on Chrome and Firefox.

    Preview on Product page works, but it’s not the same redirection system.

    It’s doesn’t looks to be caused by adblocker.
    I tried a lot of solutions, no ones work.

    Any suggestions?


  • Sounds like a popup blocker. Have you tested presta and tb on the same domain?

  • Hi,

    I tried TB and PS1.6, with adblock and without, on Firefox and Chrome.
    I didn’t try on same domain, just in local.

    In fact, shouldn’t works in Chrome, some people said it’s desactivated for get better user experience.
    I notice if you try in Chrome javascript console, it’s works.


  • some people said it’s desactivated for get better user experience.

    Who says that?

  • Here for example

    Can find a lot of posts about and Chrome,.

    So i’m very confused, cause it’s works in PS16 on Chrome.

  • That is about opening in a new tab and not a window. Not about the fact that itself is blocked, but this could be a browser setting, too. It works here on both platforms and in your console, so I guess it is.

  • Or a browser extension.

  • I found a little icon a the right of URL bar, just have to click on it, and it’s works.


  • Yup 🙂


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