Attribute / Combination prices - "Price from" doesn't use lowest price, but default

  • The “price from” message for attributes / combinations doesn’t use the lowest price of the of the available combinations / attributes, but it uses the default one.

    So if I have eg


    • 50 g for 20 Euro
    • 250 g for 40 Euro - DEFAULT attribute

    The “price from” will show “price from 40 Euro” instead of “price from 20 Euro”.

  • Have you set in combinations the option to lower or rise the price from the default?

  • There is no default price for those products, so it’s always an increase from 0.

  • Hmm, when I use products with combinations, there are always a basic product in your productlist, associated with the combination products, I set the price for the basic product and in the combination products, when the price change, the price rise or lower amount. On the combination products, your can’t give them attributes, only the basic product.
    But you can give maybe a screenshot with some explanations to understood your prob.

  • This is how it is for me:

    My main product price page:

    The combinations page:

  • I don’t understand your prob, when you make for every weight combination a different price setting in combinations, they come up in the FO, when you make the combination choice. (see my demo shop: (Thee)

  • In the front end on the category overview page a product can display: “Prices starting at 5 Euro”. The 5 Euro is taken from the default combination. It should be taken from the combination with the lowest price. That’s not in your demo shop.

  • Ha ok, I haven’t enable these option in my shop yet, to simulate your point, excuses.

  • I have tested this in one of my shops now.
    I confirm that if a product is set as a variant with a higher price than standard, the lower price is ignored with a smaller variant.

    Eg. 100g 200g 500g 1kg -> standard 200g - >> the cheaper price for 100g is ignored in the FO and the price from 200g is displayed.


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