Hiding your suppliers in FO.

  • Hello folks,
    I don’t want to display my suppliers in BO, nobody have to see these. On the moment I have disable the sitemap view in the footer, but have this some effect for Google ranking. Have someone maybe a better idea to hide the suppliers in the FO? Manufactures are no problem.

  • Go to sitemap.tpl in themes.
    Delete 68 / 76

    •                 </li>
      		{if $display_supplier_link OR $PS_DISPLAY_SUPPLIERS}
                        title="{l s='View a list of suppliers'}">
                            {l s='Suppliers'}

  • Thans Kleijn36,
    I will marked the lines out in the tp file.
    But are it important to display your sitemap in FO, for Google statistics, or ranking, SEO?


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