Migration issues: Crucial modules no longer working...

  • I have been working on a clone of my site for a few days now, testing things under thirtybees - our shop uses Prestashop 1.6.17. While at least 85% of the modules we use appear to be working fine (for now) on the new platform, I was surprised to see that a good chunk of essentials modules (mostly third party however), no longer do…

    This has put a serious damper in our enthusiasm for this platform. While I did not expect everything to be smooth as silk, I thought that the close proximity of the code would more or less keep most things functional. However, it is hard to figure out what is wrong as the only message I get is “module XXX cannot be installed.”, yet sometimes it does get installed nevertheless… However, it does not appear to be functional. In other cases, the module just will not install period. The modules affected are payment modules, gift cards modules, currency modules, video modules, stock management modules, employee access modules and so on. Stuff our customers or us use on a daily basis… So it is really depressing. Most of these do not work properly or lose properties in PS 1.7… And they appear to be totally broken under thirtybees. Disheartening.

  • I think it can be usefull if you mention the modules which do not work. With some help it should work.

    I have already tested thirtybees for more then 1 year and also tested dozens of modules and themes. Almost all of them work, sometimes a little modification, and sometimes i forgot i also had to manually put overrides in prestashop, so also in thirtybees.

    I also learned through this year i can use a few modules instead of multiple modules. For example the datakick module can be used in my case instead of multiple modules because it does so much i can get rid of a list of modules.

  • Valid points Baarssen. It just gets overwhelming when a site with over 20,000 products is on the verge of losing support with the Prestashop move and seeing stuff we invested lots of money in apparently becoming suddenly useless is not a lot of fun…

    Here is a list of the modules that appear to no longer work in our case:

    Stock Editor
    Gift Card (not the prestashop version, the advanced module)
    Advanced Invoices
    Hard Currency for Backoffice (allow control of various currencies through categories - also handles mass discounts)
    Card Payment
    Employee Access (we need that as we use it for third party vendors who want to only be notified of their sales and manage their products)
    YouTube Carousel
    Facebook Social

    I have not finished testing some of the others that look questionable. I will update as I hit road blocks.

  • @movieseals that’s a lot of modules, I’m quite surprised. Usually 1.6 modules are working without problems. Maybe the culprit is somewhere else. Does you dev server have the same configuration as your production one? For example, do you use the same PHP version, or mysql settings?

    You could install vanilla prestashop 16 on your dev server and then try to install these modules there, to check if it’s environment problem, or if it’s really 30bz related.

    If this is problem with thirtybees, I could have a look at these modules for you, is you wish. For developers it’s a bit easier to spot the problem. PM me if you need my help.

  • Oh maybe you need to switch off the settings for “Disable non thirty bees modules”. You find this under performance->debug.

  • The only module in the list i also have is Prestablog, and that works fine on Thirtybees

  • @datakick It is the same environment and the same server. I try to not introduce too many variables. We used the same database version (MariaDB) and the only difference as far as I can see is that the prefi is tb_ instead of ps_ - everything is the same version, InnoDB, etc.

    PHP is 5.6 for all the installs - both prestashop and TB - planning on eventually get to 7 but we had issues with prestashop 1.6.17 using 7 so we had to revert to 5.6.

    I am not honestly 100% sure about what is causing the issues - all I know is that all these modules work in PS 1.6.17 but installing them on TB causes some of them to no longer work or not even install. I will look at overrides to see if it is an issue, like suggested above. But if you want to have a look, I will be most grateful. I will contact you shortly.

    I did switch off the ‘disable non TB modules’. 🙂

    @Baarssen: When I installed Prestablog, I got the message that it could NOT be installed, yet bizarrely it did. It does look functional and I plan on testing it further but I am worried because of that message. I deleted it and reinstalled it several times and I always get the message: This module could not be properly installed.

    I want to thank everyone for their quick answers - it is very much appreciated.

  • I think I have figured out the issue with Prestablog - it appears to be a conflict with another folder named the same way by another blog module. So at least one to scratch off the list.

  • I wiped everything and did a clean install of TB 1.0.4.

    A lot of the problematic modules still give the “The following module(s) could not be installed properly:” yet they install and appear to be functioning fine (although not tested in depth).

    However, two remain problematic and will not install period. Stock Editor and Multi currency for products in backoffice.

  • I think they make use of the webservice
    That can be resolved but as far as i know this will be resolved in 1.04 stable. If needed i can point you out to the 3 or 4 files which need a small modification.

    However they should install, but dont work if that is the isue.

    Maybe you can specify which modules they are(link to addon store)

  • I am definitely up for modifications, even if it to help us inch closer to something that works.

    Here are the links to the faulty modules:

    Stock Editor: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/21726-stock-editor.html

    Multicurrency: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/19253-multi-currencies-for-products-in-backoffice.html

    We use both everyday in the shop, so it is a big hurdle in terms of migration for us.

    Besides that, I have been testing extensively TB and I like what I see. It is also very reassuring to have such a reactive forum for help. Let’s just say I have not been used to that with Prestashop. I appreciate everyone’s input and willingness to help.

  • i dont know this modules, but i am quit certain someone here has a solution what will work. Maybe some developers want to test your modules

  • @datakick has kindly offered to help - so I started with 4 problematic modules, two of which worked seamlessly on his end but not on mine - and he has spent several hours on the issue so far, to the point that I am actually feeling bad about it…

    However, it appears I was not totally crazy. When I test things, I try to minimize variables as much as I can and I had removed the other profiles besides superadmin while I was trying to test the compatibility of all the modules we use in our normal day to day in our PS shop.

    Here is @datakick assessment: "I’ve found a bug in core code that prevents creating new tabs in back office. This bug manifests only when there is just one permission profile in the system - superadmin. By default, 30bz has 4 profiles (superadmin, translator, logistician, salesman), and that’s probably the reason why nobody haven’t noticed this bug yet. You have probably removed these profiles when you installed 30bz, right?

    Anyway, this bug prevented installation of almost all modules, respective it may have terminated installation in-the-middle of the process. Some modules may have been registered as installed, but in fact they weren’t.

    After I’ve fixed this Tab bug, I’ve managed to install the first two modules you send me without any problems.

    The other two have some override conflicts. In fact, it’s not even possible to uninstall them at the moment. Possibly another bug in the core."

    So there you have it. I am still testing several modules that we need - I shall keep you guys updated.


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