[Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

  • @datakick Oke doke, will look into it.

    Any chance for some other hooks to be implemented. I use warehouse and the right column hook isn’t the best look for the reviews.

  • @Troy-Roberts sure, should be easy enough

  • @datakick said in [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews:

    new version 1.0.4 has been released that fixes this z-index bug

    Updated to this version and clicking review link on product page or reviews page does nothing now. Backoffice configuration works.

    Is updating merely unzipping and replacing with the new module folder, the old version folder?


    Edit: reverted to the earlier version and it works correctly.

    Edit2: thanks @datakick for assisting on this, apparently I was using the source from github and not the module fro the store itself

  • I’ve released version 1.0.5

    • added support for krona module
    • ability to choose where you want to render review average (product extra / product buttons / nowhere)
    • render review placeholder in product block if no review exits - you can use this to align block height for product with and without reviews
    • some refactoring to make module migration easier

  • @datakick I would like to use your module when I have migrated to TB. I do however have another review module that I need to preserve the reviews from. Do you already have an import feature or would this be possible to add? I can probably export and format my existing data to fit your format if I knew what it would have to look like. Maybe this functionality can be useful for others as well in the future when migrating to TB?

  • @hubbobubbo what review module do you use currently?

  • two things about 1.0.5. 1st you forgot to change the version number in config.xml. 2nd, when you’re in the BO modules, and you click on you as the author, your module does not come up. oh…and 3rd…thanx for the great module!

  • it is called : Google Rich Snippets + Product Ratings and Reviews from Businesstech

    Review texts are stored like jsons in the db:
    a:4:{s:6:“sTitle”;s:17:“Muy recomendable!”;s:8:“sComment”;s:50:“Muy contenta con el producto, muy mono y original!”;s:7:“iLangId”;s:1:“4”;s:8:“sLangIso”;s:2:“es”;}

    and then there are simple table entries for userId, date, star rating and productId in the db. Should be fairly simple to export with the right sql query

  • The review stars are not showing any longer on the index (New arrivals/Popular/Best Sellers/Specials). They show on the lists, when you go into a category, but not on those pages.

  • after a rest they are showing up, if I’m not signed in. As soon as I sign in they disappear from the index pages again.

  • I installed 1.0.4 and it worked fine. I re-install 1.0.5 and it’s now doing the opposite, its showing if I’m logged in, but not to guests. so… i have no clue whats going on.

    edit: after clearing my BO cache, and my browsers cache, it’s doing what I originally said. The stars are not showing on the index pages when I’m logged in, if i log out, they show fine.

    signed out

    signed in

  • I suggest to deinstall 1.0.4 via bo/moduls and to reinstall clearly 1.0.5. BUT only if you know how to take care of your reviews in DB. You could easily export them via SQl, Datakick module … Perhaps better to try it on a clone or before deinstalling to try to delete the module via FTP and to reinstall the new one.
    Anyhow, I had to do it this way to get rid of this little hickup.
    I am now a happy user of the module and can happily say that it is a super module with great support. This one in combination with Slick’s ‘after mail’ module to sent a reminder mail to review is a big big plus to use Thirtybees. Great contribution.

  • I did as you suggested, I uninstalled the module, then deleted, then installed 1.0.5, then imported my old reviews. The bug is still there. When I login I no longer see the stars in the product list on the index, like New arrivals/Popular/Best Sellers/Specials…

    edit: hmm. this is only happening on my production site, on my test 1.0.3 site its working fine. I’ll do some more digging and get back to you.

    edit: well I dunno what it is about 1.0.5, but it doesnt work on my system. I’m back to 1.0.4…

  • ok, I figured it out. On php 7.1.x, revws 1.0.5 doesnt work for me, on php 5.6.x it works fine…

    edit: just for fun I tried php 7.0.x, didnt work on that either for me

    edit: ok, so i tested more, and it has to do with the smarty cache on or off. If i have it on in php 7.1, the module doesnt work for me, if i turn it off it works fine.

  • Thanks @SLiCK_303 for investigation. I’ll try to reproduce the problem on my side. I’m not sure if this is bug in the module, though. What tb version do you use?

  • @hubbobubbo thanks for letting me know.

    revws module is integrated with my data import/export module. So, if you can get your current review data into XML format (or CSV - you can transform it to XML using this tool, then you can easily use my module for import.

  • @datakick I should be able to export to csv and then I can make a script to clean up the data. Do you have a definition of how the data needs to look like in your review module or can the import module structure it the way it needs to be?

  • @hubbobubbo you can map everything during import. You can also clean up data during import, if need be. I’ve just use this way to import yotpo reviews without any problems.

    Just ping me if you need any help setting up import. I can prepare import definition on my demo account, so you can have a look how it’s done.

  • fantastic. I am planning how to migrate and this was one of my open issues. Now it seems it should not be a major concern and I can focus on figuring out which theme to start from once 1.0.4 becomes available.

    Thanks for your efforts, I really look forward to testing the module.

    I have one feature suggestion for your consideration. On my shop Givensa I created a custom CMS page with an aggregated list of client reviews, like this: Customer opinions. I think its a nice way for new customers to get a quick overview of other clients opinions.

    Maybe its a feature you could consider including when you have time?

  • @datakick
    you showed me Lesley’s post on a problem some one had with CCC. I also unticked “Keep JS and CSS files” during resintall sinceI had the problems Slick has. What caused it I do not know but all seems to be fine now.


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