Migration attempt: Error [Ajax / Server Error for action upgradeDb] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Internal Server Error " jqXHR: " "

  • I have attempted a migration of our site. Things were going fine until the migration module attempted to update the database. The following error appeared: [Ajax / Server Error for action upgradeDb] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Internal Server Error " jqXHR: " "

    We also ended up being locked out of our own server as I assume it was interpreted as a hack attempt - our IP got blocked.

    I have been looking online and it appears to be a frequent error with older versions of Prestashop, although there does not appear to be a consensus on a solution. Anybody has any idea?

    Should there be protection disabled server side to allow for a smoother process? Not too keen on having the server exposed but not sure on how to proceed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Although the protection probably won’t help much, I don’t think it’s the root cause of this problem. I based this on Internal Server Error message, which is usually php problem. Did you look to your php error log?

  • Still waiting for the host to allow us access back in…

  • There is nothing seemingly specific to this error or even the timeframe of the migration in the error log. I will attempt to manually upgrade.

  • I get the following error when updating the database: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘CryptBlowfish’ not found in /home/public_html/classes/

  • mcrypt is installed and working after checking phpinfo. Not sure what is wrong but it is what apparently prevents the database from updating properly.

  • The Pear package for CryptBlowfish is also installed…

  • @movieseals is there a file CryptBlowfish in /home/public_html/classes? If there is, try to delete cache/class_index.php

  • No, there is not as that directory does not even exist. I think it is being called by the migration module. The location of the CryptBlowfish file is in home/php/Crypt/

  • I recommend, instead of trying to do this migration on your live site, you try it on a localhost or subdomain, are you doing that? Also, in tb there is a file in the /classes folder called CryptBlowfish.php, if it is not there I would try coping it there and trying again.

  • I did try on a dev site. At some point, I need to migrate my live site… Things that work on dev site do not work on live site and vice versa… This has not been a pleasant or easy ordeal so far…

    I will try what you mentioned. That file was not there.

  • Are you using the migration module, or doing this manually on your dev site? I just did a migration for fun on my localhost, it worked like a champ using the migration module. Do you have a lot of overrides, or have you modified the core at all? What version of PS are you going from?

  • Migration module psonesix. Been having issue throughout with it. I did a manual upgrade and that failed as well, in the end, despite getting me the closest results to my PS store, because apparently the database have changed. I have not touched the core but there are several overrides because of modules. However, I disabled all third party modules and overrides before attempting migration.

    Right now I am starting over with a backup that I have to reinstall and will attempt a clean migration from a fresh PS 1.6.17 install.

  • Making sure that your dev site is fully working first, right? Changing the shop url’s and the settings.inc.php, ect. Are you doing this on a localhost or a subdomain? How many products do you have? Since you have a proper backup of your site, I would not select the backup files option, or images…

  • Yup.

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