Bug CSV Import Wharehouse

  • Import CSV with wharehose gives an error. When i split the file to seperate lines (CSV files) too see what line is the problem import works oke.When i set the colum to “Ignore” no error

    0_1518753336264_Schermafdruk 2018-02-16 04.48.06.png

  • Does your server time out on the import?

  • No server time out. Found the problem. When you use advanced stockmanagement and try to import a CSV file with a product that has a negative quantity in shop import gives this error. When i change the product to “I want to specify available quantities manually” and set the quantity to “0” import works an no error, when i switch pack to the catalog/product after import the product is set back to "The available quantities for the current product and its combinations are based on the stock in your warehouse (using the advanced stock management system). "and the stock is nagative. PS with the same settings no error.

  • @lesley
    Problem solved. It is not a TB bug. Module Migration pro has set “Depends on stock” to 1 for al product. Set to “0” and import works fine now.


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