Bug resulting in negative stock despite "deny orders" setting

  • I have a product with attributes. I’ve noticed that sometimes I get negative stock, even though orders should be denied if there isn’t enough stock. The setting in the Preferences>Products page is “Deny order” and the Product>Quantities setting is “Default> Deny orders as set in the Products Preferences page”.

    I’ve now been able to reproduce the issue.

    1. Customer A places item with combination Y in shopping cart.
    2. Customer B places item with combination Y in shopping cart.
    3. Total of items with combination Y placed in shopping cart by Customers A and B exceeds amount in stock.
    4. Customer A checks out.
    5. Customer B checks out.
    6. Stock is now negative and both customers successfully placed their orders.

  • Customer B shouldn’t be able to check out for sure.

  • A p.s.: The order from customer B was paid by credit card (Stripe module) and went to the status “paid” and then automatically to “on backorder (paid)”.

  • There is an option to allow ordering out of stock products in the back office. Is it possible that you allowed it?

  • No, I double checked. See also up above my description.

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