Language pack translations

  • I spend some hours now and then to translate/proofread the Swedish language pack on Crowdin. There is one problem that comes back constantly, probably because more than one translator is involved. An example

    The English word cart
    In the crowdin translation it is translated in three different ways, sometimes is the same module. This is ofc not good

    One translation is varukorg. Shopping basket in English

    Another one is kundvagn, probably shopping trolley in English

    A third one is vagn. trolley in English

    What can be done about this? A final proofreading by one proofreader when the translation is finished and then somehow lock it. I don’t know

  • Yes, same sittuation in Bulgarian. I also checked crowdin and if there was some kind of live feature to view what you actually translate in the FO would be nice. It would be nice to lock the translations after they are confirmed with decent translation and if any one needs to translate it further to do it from the BO … But what if new module or feature is added and needs translation?

  • They have to be finished module by module of course. But I think this is a rest from PS. Swedish is ready to 88% and I have a feeling that I am the only one working with it. It is not possible for someone, not native Swedish speaker because the big difference in how the language is built.

  • Yes I fully understand you.

  • @Havouza how do you download the localization pack from crowdin because I cant figure it out? I would like to translate the admin but I need to view the changes on my test site because there are too many meaning possibilities of the sentences …

  • I have no clue. I translate directly on Crowdin. But I will find out if I can

  • I put the translation in 100% anyway I see many things in English or pt-pt.
    On the menu you will have to do it manually in Administration> menus

  • Actually I want to translate the whole backoffice, and I saw file admin.php in crowdin which I think is the backoffice translations. And thanks for the suggestions about the menus!

  • This post is deleted!


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