Multistore what am i doing wrong

  • So i’m trying to set up a multistore instance of my store for wholesale customers. But after creating the multistore group and the second store i get 404 errors.

    Not sure what i’m doing wrong

    How do i set up the store in a subfolder?

  • I never sucessfully installed a store in a subfolder of another store. It’s much better to use subdomains… But not sure if that really was your question!?

  • Well i don’t even care about subfolder, i can work with a subdomain but that isn’t working either.

  • ok, so I had the same trouble getting this to work.
    what I ended up doing and what was the solution for me:

    1. create a sub domain in CPanel
      and now the important bit:
    2. Change the document root of that subdomain to be the same as the main shop.

    for example if you had your main shop in public_html/shop1 with URL and wanted to create a new shop in you have to set up your subdomain’s root folder to also be public_html/shop1 (and not leave it like CPanel would have automatically created it i.e. public_html/shop2)

    hope this helps someone… otherwise just a reference to myself 😉


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