Tutorial (not a question) on how to update / upgrade Transformer V3 for PS 1.6 Thirty Bees

  • How to update / upgrade Transformer V3 for PS 1.6 Thirty Bees

    This possibly will work for Panda also. It is just a simple “outline” with explanatory details.

    Screenshots are at the bottom of this post.

    This is the way I find it easier to update (instead of comparing all the files) because I put off updating for a while, since I had made many minor changes from Jonny Li of sunnytoo.com tech support and his advice.

    It may not be right for everyone, but using a development site first will help you see the improvements and changes before you update your live site.

    I decided NOT to compare files and changes before updating, mostly because many, or most, of the changes have been incorporated into the latest version.

    Later on, if necessary, I will update the files I changed before the update. I have copies of all the changes in folders named with the specific file changes.

    The steps below are taken from notes and from the video made by ST-Themes:

    This video shows the exact way to update the theme:

    Download the latest version of the theme from your account downloads on the sunnytoo.com website. Create a new account if you don’t have one. Jonny has instructions on his site about how to give him your purchase details.

    Unzip the update file. This unzipped file contains other compressed (zip) files.

    Unzip the update v3.3.5.zip file (latest version at the time of this writing) or whichever file is appropriate for your website.

    See two folders: modules and themes (screenshot).

    Use an FTP program, such as FileZilla, and upload these two folders into the public_html folder to replace the existing ones.

    In the back office (BO) Click “modules and services”. Under Module List, search for “theme”. View the theme editor version. In my case, it is now updated to Transformer Theme Editor v3.3.5.

    Next, click “check for update”.

    See if anything needs updating and click it. Then you will see:

    Everything is up-to-date. (screenshot shows new version).

    Next, go to Advanced Parameters – Performance – Clear the cache.

    View your site and check to make sure everything works as expected.

    Back up your site NOW before making any further changes.

    The following instructions are notes I made from Jonny’s sunnytoo.com site with Yobo’s and Jonny’s help and from these forum threads. Read the threads regardless of what the names show.




    Notes I saved:

    If you know all the files you’ve edited, it’s easy to upgrade your site. Take these steps:

    1. Unzip v3.3.5.
    2. Compare files you’ve edited with the ones from v3.3.5.
    3. Merge your changes to files from v3.3.5.
    4. Upload all files from v3.3.5 to your site to replace old ones.
    5. Go to BO > Modules page, modules will be upgrade automatically.
    6. Done.

    If you don’t know the files you’ve changed, just do one more step to find them. I use svn. You can try other software, to compare files under the /modules and /themes/transformer/ with files from 3.2.9 to find the edited files. The rest of the steps are the same.



    old version of theme editor:

    0_1519401156280_transformer - old theme editor version 3-2-point-9.jpg

    Transformer update folders you need to FTP to your public_html folder:

    0_1519401240765_transformer update folders.jpg

    New version of theme editor:

    0_1519401193879_transformer - updated theme editor version 3-3-point-5.jpg


    I hope this information is helpful.

  • This was a new option so I set the social title and date of birth in the customer section of the theme editor to be removed from the registration form.

    0_1519476386151_set social title and date of birth in the customer section of the theme editor to be removed from the registration form.jpg

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