modernizr bugged on chrome

  • hi all
    this is a strange bug report , but it only happends on google chrome browsers ( latest version )
    please see attached video , this is taken from the latest prestashop , but the bug also exist in here

    here is also a small snipped for the bug report

    ok it seems it is heavy related to google chrome and its behavior ( and how sensitive it is to javascript i guess )
    if i test it on other browsers then it seems to act just fine (coulnd reproduce the bug )

    also in chrome it doesnt show the dropdown ( sidebar ) like it does in internet explorer or in Edge

    if you click in edge on the setting ( like shop parrameters ) it shows a dropdown in that list like on mobile vieuw
    in chrome , it just does not shows a dropdown at all , and if it doesnt trow that error it shows the hover

    Tested versions below
    Chrome version : Versie 64.0.3282.167 (bug reported version )
    latest version : Versie 64.0.3282.186 ( bug still exist )

    Not able to reproduce the bugs (it does not exist ):
    Internet explorer : 11.25.16299.0
    internet explorer update version : 11.0.49
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299
    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0

    0_1519465537192_prestashop demo

    Greets From PowerChaos

  • Hi,

    sorry, but this request is for PrestaShop 1.7 and this version is very different.

    If you can reproduce the bug with thirtybees, come back with information about this trouble.

  • its exactly the same , tested it on the thirtybees demo site before i even made this bug report
    as i hate to work with other browsers … and it really breaks things a lot

    unless that site does not use modernizr anymore from prestashop ( so there own fully modified version ) will this error still exist

    just to confirm everyhting , i only needed to enter the backend demo and i got the error already

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'insertBefore' of null
        at a.yepnope.injectJs (modernizr.min.js:4)
        at modernizr.min.js:4
    index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=98750039237cd341cc6635569addf7bc:1 Slow network is detected. Fallback font will be used while loading:
    chrome-extension://bkbdaodnaecdijpajecpncpdomgcoakc/content-script.js:47 content script: init
    chrome-extension://bkbdaodnaecdijpajecpncpdomgcoakc/content-script.js:24 content script: event received
    chrome-extension://bkbdaodnaecdijpajecpncpdomgcoakc/content-script.js:25 MessageEvent
    modernizr.min.js:4 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'insertBefore' of null
        at a.yepnope.injectJs (modernizr.min.js:4)
        at modernizr.min.js:4
    a.yepnope.injectJs @ modernizr.min.js:4
    (anonymous) @ modernizr.min.js:4
    setTimeout (async)
    h @ modernizr.min.js:4
    (anonymous) @ modernizr.min.js:4

    and i realy do not feel to make a other video that is exactly the same (and does the same )
    but here is a screenshot
    0_1519468222776_30bees bug.png

    Greets From Powerchaos

  • Hi,

    i think your trouble come with your browser configuration and extensions.

    I made test and i don’t see any trouble, but i don’t have any extensions to put code on my visiting sites.

    desable every extension on your browser to make a test.

  • @Mediacom87
    ok it does seems related to a browser plugin

    specialy the following plugin
    poperblocker ( popup overlay blocker )

    if i disable or remove it then the bug does not happen

    so its more a extention bug then a script bug ?
    is it possible to rewrite modernizr so it can prevented , as i am definaly not the only one with that extention

    i shall make a bug report to the creator of that plugin so he can also adjust his code to prevent this from happening

    Thank you for your response and the solution 🕶

    Greets From PowerChaos

  • Likely something in the extension library conflicts. I would report it to them.


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