customer>customer service timeout

  • Hello,
    i have tried to fill my IMAP data in customer>customer service , but it seems that there is a problem with my data. Now i get a 504 timeout from nginx after a while, nothing appears and i cant reach the “customer>customer service” site again. All other BO sites are working, but not this one.

    There is no content in the database field “customer_message_sync_imap” (i thought maybe i can clear this).

    Any help please 🙂

  • Found the solution!

    In sql manager ( e.g. phpmyadmin ) , find for imap :

    SELECT * FROM ps_configuration WHERE NAME like '%imap%'
    OR pop
    SELECT * FROM ps_configuration WHERE NAME like ‘%pop%’

    and you can see the configuration value you need to delete.

  • Hello,
    yes, solved means that i could delete the content in the database as described and after that, i could reach the BO again. Now there is no content in “customer > customer service” (blank fields) as it was before.

    I have no further details about the timeout (it was 504 Gateway timeout). I am on a professional hosting package but i am not sure if i have an access to the correct server logs! Important is that everything work and i dont have to manage all these server-things… Any hint for me where to search for such logs?


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