Recaptcha module - Confirmation Unknown message

  • Thanks to the TB team for releasing the No Captcha recaptcha module as i was suffering from the Russian spam over the last few days and hopefully it will solve the issue.
    It took me a couple of attempts to get the module working on my site though, had to reset the module and try again before the recaptcha example would show in the back office. It appears to be working but i still get an error message in the confirmation section shows ‘unknown’ and don’t know what that means?
    0_1519561852137_Screenshot at 2018-02-25 12-25-04.png

    I can send a test message from the contact form and it arrives ok, and won’t send them without ticking the ‘im not a robot’ box so it all appears to be working ok

  • Update. I just tried it again and now the message shows as captcha accepted. So look like it is working ok now. Strange that it took several attempts to get the confirmation.

  • Did you use new keys?

  • No, i never changed anything. At first it was not showing the captcha at all when i installed the module, so i reset the module and put the same keys back in and the captcha box then showed up but i was still getting ‘unknown’ when i tried it. Did a test from the contact form and it was working with no error, and did block sending if you did not tick the box.
    I tried again in the back office a couple of times and always got the confirmation ‘unknown’ message then suddenly it showed 'captcha accepted’
    The only thing i think it could be is that i use cloudflare on my server and perhaps it had cached this error message and was showing me the cached version of the page rather than the live version

  • I have a similar issue - the module works fine on one shop but not another shop within the same shop group in multistore.

    I use the same google recaptcha credentials on both shops and they work only on one. The domains are correctly configured under recaptcha settings.

    Is this module built for multistore or am I missing a setting?

  • Yes, it supports multistore.

  • unknown = unable to connect to Google for some reason. I’ve had to change hosts in the past to solve it.

  • Tried over and over but can get it to work for only one shop.

    Both shops have exactly the same entries in the Configuration table for value field containing recaptcha - so I can’t figure the issue.

  • Did you add the domains? The keys should cover both domains.

  • Yes, both domains are included in recaptcha settings and work on other subdomains of the site correctly

  • Are your multi stores on different domains or on subdomains of one domain, or sub-folders on one domain? If they are all subdomains all you have to do is setup the main domain in Google, and it will take all subdomains. So don’t setup for and, just setup

  • Hi, I have the two main domains in google settings. I have got some blogs etc. on subdomains of these domains where the recaptcha works fine but not in tb.

    Another issue I noticed is that even though the module displays the recaptcha block on the contact page for one shop, the message goes through even without the user clicking recaptcha.

    Is this a theme thing? I use the standard PS theme.

  • Hi - any thoughts on where we could start to debug? Thanks.

  • I have the same issue since upgrading to 1.0.5: Recaptcha does not work (unknown) even though the same credentials used to work fine in 1.0.4. Reset, uninstall then fresh reinstall, nothing works.

  • I have the same issue since upgrading to 1.0.5: Recaptcha does not work (unknown) even though the same credentials used to work fine in 1.0.4. Reset, uninstall then fresh reinstall, nothing works…

    …the same here in my 1.0.5 contactform - very bad 😞
    I was that lucky to find a Captcha that works and now these bad news… (we use it only in contactform)

  • For me the test works but the contact form can be filled be not publishing the captcha. The other forms like login and admin login are working as normal.

    I had tons of russian spam and had to install another module. Probably this otherwise perfect one have to be checked for bugs. I can offer my shop if you want to see the issue i describe.

  • Yes, the form can be submitted with out answering the captcha challenge.

    There is another bug where in multistore, the key details are not saved for some shops.

  • Hello, Google says the following since the error appears:

    Wir haben festgestellt, dass auf deiner Website reCAPTCHA-Lösungen nicht überprüft werden. Für reCAPTCHA ist jedoch eine Prüfung erforderlich. Weitere Informationen findest du auf unserer Entwicklerwebsite.

    So the problem is the API request from thirtybees !? Maybe in combination with this ???

  • Do you have an adblocker or anything that is blocking the requests, like a GDPR module?

  • No nothing like this. The last change in modules was to deinstall “Google Analytics API v3.0.1” - but this does not matter for the reCaptcha. I have installed the API again and tried the reCaptcha without success.

    But today, the error in BO is: Confirmation: Captcha rejected. The secret key could be wrong.

    Please, make it work again 🙂


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