how to get rid of all the photo except default ones?

  • I’m in the middle of an import from Virtuemart => external service => TB.

    I have all the products with multiple images (double/triple/quadruple) caused from something gone wrong with some syncs in the past.

    What can I do to delete from every TB products (database and filesystem) all the images except the default ones?

    p.s. AFAIK prestools mass edit can’t do that

  • That depends on how the images have been inserted in the database. If each product has one image that is “cover” then it is relatively simple - assuming you are familiar with mysql and PHP. You get then in pseudocode the following:
    SELECT id_image AS myimage FROM tb_image WHERE cover IS NULL
    foreach myimage
    DELETE FROM tb_image WHERE id_image=myimage
    DELETE FROM tb_image_lang WHERE id_image=myimage
    DELETE FROM tb_image_shop WHERE id_image=myimage

    That is the database part. But you will also want to delete the images themselves. You can do that with Prestools (it is a paid addon) or you can program it yourself in the loop above.

    If there is not a cover for each product (what means that all cover values are NULL) then the loop will become a bit more complicated. So it is important at the start to check that all products have one image where the “cover” field is ‘1’.


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