E-Mails not submitted to backoffice

  • Hello,

    I just noticed that my contact form seems to be broken somehow.
    The sender seems to get a copy of his message, but there is no notification in my backoffice / it’s not archived.

    Even though under advanced settings > E-Mail it lists the message confirmation mail was send.

    Right now I don’t think I have any chance to read a message someone send me.

    The odd thin is, it worked ~2 weeks ago.
    The only major change I can imaging during that time was connecting with Cloudflare / CDN.
    Hmm, but still, why does it only effect the backkoffice…?

  • I just applied this fix: https://presta.site/blog/en/fix-prestashop-contact-form-not-sending-mails/

    At least it’s a work-around but still there aren’t any notifications in my backoffice…

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